A preview of Ford Edge 2017

Great features for excellent drives

Ford Edge is clearly one of the biggest hit for Fords. The perfect ratio and the proportionate arrangements make this car your everyday necessity. Well, this was not the case a decade ago, but by 2017 it became the most favorable crossover for big families. This can easily be your ideal midsize SUV which can easily add up to your shopping list. The ample space for full families, with extra cabin space and comfortable seating arrangements, Edge is just your type. The comfort and satisfaction are assured for the people who want to escape the hustling everyday life. It can provide you with lots of cargo rooms and comfortable seats, Edge is grand. Among many potential SUVs, Edge is packed with features both mechanical and technological. The high crafted designs and its sleek model are quite great for narrow drives. However SUV has a bit of reputation with parking space hunt, but not Edge fits perfectly in a sleek parking space. Hence it is convenient in many ways.

Interior and seating arrangements

The sitting arrangements are expandable; one can easily install car seats easily without going into hassles for long. The Edge comes with a total of five seats which are quite common in SUVs. Among which three seats have upper tethers and other two are of lower anchors. These seats come with latch connectors which are a requirement for child safety seats. The generous amount of space in the back is ideal for 2-3 kids also can squeeze in your dog, which is an accommodation necessity for your large family and then Edge will fit you perfectly. It has been well established that you can get good requirements with this SUV but the interiors are elegant and are wrapped in soft textured fabric all over. After all style matters, and the more minimalistic it is the more elegance it brings, 2017 Ford Edge projects that in the right fraction.

Technologies and recent features

Edge has also got you covered with its high cut technological aspects, no matter what your technological requirement is for your traverse, you can always connect your Smartphone with your Edge. The top priority is the navigation and Edge has a base SYNC system which allows you to connect with apps like Pandora and iHeartRadio. The base SYNC systems allow you to use the voice commands, dinner reservations are made easy and also you can control the cabin temperature. It has Bluetooth connectivity available with it and also the recent features include Apple Car Play, this works great with your Apple phones. Once you connect your Apple phone with Edge, your regular Apple interface pops up and guide you through your requirements. However Android Auto is not yet available with this SUV.

Cons and Conclusion

The Ford Edge has very few cons to add, the base engine maybe a bit slow for the pro drivers and also a slower reaction in transmission can be experienced from time to time. Overall Edge is brilliant for your one time SUV with ample of cargo space.

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