Dr Prabhjot Gill Talking About Obesity and its impacts on COVID-19

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, many people started to eat more than they were used to. The general chaos stirred by the pandemic stressed people out and changed some of their daily routines for the worse-including food choices. Dr Prabhjot Gill would be able to provide right information about this.

Before the implementation of lockdown, we were warned about the tendency to get fat if we don’t move enough and eat mindlessly. However, many people didn’t take into consideration the recommendations and satisfied their culinary cravings more than ever before. A careless attitude emerged with the implementation of lockdown and uncertainty about the virus: I am prohibited to go out and the world is falling apart, so why should I care if I destroy my body with food? 

Obesity was already a major issue in many countries across the world. COVID-19 multiplied the victims in this field, as well.

At a closer look, there are many ways in which these 2 issues, obesity and COVID-19, go hand in hand and influence each other.

  • The impact of COVID-19 on Obesity
  • As mentioned before, people freaked out when the pandemic began. A virus that silently makes victims, implementations of safety measures that modified everybody’s routine, the economy collapsing, the inability to put things in perspective and see the light at the end of the tunnel, can harm your mental health and your attitude. Feeling hopeless or useless, having mixed feelings, worrying- these are common feelings that people experienced since COVID-19. Many found comfort in food. Staying at home, being bored or restless, uncertain about work and health, made many people overeat. Sweets are known to be an instant mood booster, so it’s no surprise that pastry, alongside junk food and mindlessly consuming food, boosted the obesity rate.

  • How Obesity is an additional risk in COVID-19
  • Obesity means diabetes, health problems, poor functioning of the lungs, getting tired faster, low immunity, catching colds more easily and the list could continue. 

    The uncertainty about which category of people is at the highest risk to get infected has amplified the panic. The virus mostly affected those who were already suffering from other health problems. Coronavirus affects the lungs, and people with lower immunity who catch the virus could experience the symptoms more intense than others. Unfortunately, obese people are at a higher risk for any cold and disease than people who take care of their diet and stay active.

  • What should be done
  • Indeed, food is tasty. That’s why it becomes a dangerous addiction and causes obesity, which in turn leads to major health problems or even death. When people start associating food with pleasure rather than a fuel to function and live a healthy life, it becomes hard to stop. It’s a thing to try junk food once and then stick to a balanced diet, and it’s a completely different story to eat mindlessly unhealthy foods, every single day until you can’t function anymore like a normal human being. 

    The only thing that could help in breaking this harmful cycle of overeating is to force yourself to stop, seek support, and simply stop buying unhealthy food. Junk food production is unlikely to stop too soon, as the profit is enormous. So, it’s the will power of every individual that must take the wheels. Until people who suffer from obesity understand why they eat and start making significant changes in their lifestyle, no recommendation will help.


    Although it might be hard to stay optimistic and make the right choices without having any certainty about the future, especially when a global pandemic is going on, people shouldn’t stop taking care of themselves and fighting obesity or other harmful addictions. The continuous development of Medicine will certainly cure COVID-19 at a certain point, but people must keep their calm and continue their lives as normally and as healthy as possible. This way, not only will they live longer, but also help in fighting this pandemic.

      “Dr Prabhjot Gill MBBS MRCGP(2016)

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