Heart Loans And Customer Complaints

One of the ways to gauge a company’s strength and stability is its ability to take the bad along with the good.  There will be times when someone will not be satisfied with the company’s service.  Heart Loans stands out in the loan lending pack for its sensitivity to their customer’s needs, suggestions, and even complaints.

Heart Loans is not only concerned with the processing of your application.  It also assists you during the repayment duration of your loan.  There is a section in the company’s website that allows borrowers to communicate with Heart Loans. 

You only need to input your name, your email address and your message, and a member of the company will correspond with you.  please check https://www.heartloans.co.uk/ to know more.

For complaints, Heart Loans follow a standard Complaints Handling Procedure.

Complaints Handling Procedure

Heart Loans is named as such since it aims with giving the highest quality of service that comes from the heart, that is outstanding and unparalleled in its field to people looking for financial aids.  At the core of Heart Loans is the eagerness to offer the highest level of service.  Along this line is the awareness that it is inevitable that even services of the highest level will have moments of weakness.  Heart Loans encourages people to report to them any dissatisfaction with the service that they offer.

The standard procedure of filing a complain is to provide details such as, name of the complainant, as well as address, phone numbers, email address and other relevant personal details.  You will also be required to describe your complaint as detailed as possible.  Then, you have to input your recommendations for how you want the company to act on the complain.  You may provide other details that you deem necessary in resolving your complaint.

After stating the above-mentioned details, you may now send it to the compliance manager of Ocean Capital Credit Limited, and wait for a response from them.

Acknowledgment of Complaint and Complaint Resolution

There will be prompt acknowledgment of your complaint. Heart Loans gives the assurance that the best resolution will be sought in the shortest time possible.

The length of time needed in resolving your complaint depends on its complexity, hereby affecting the time needed to fully investigate on the matter. The length of resolution will take not more than 14 working days or two weeks from the time of your filing.

Financial Ombudsman Office

If you are still dissatisfied with the resolution of the complaint or the way the company handled it, you may contact the Financial Ombudsman Office (FOS).  Note that you will be entertained by the FOS only when it has reason to believe that you have given Heart Loans the opportunity to act on the complaint and that the action was not satisfactory.  Contacting the FOS is also advised with more serious cases such as fraud and identity theft.

European Online Dispute Resolution Platform

You may also ask the European Online Dispute Resolution platform to do a review of your complaint.

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