Stop the Bad Habits

Sometimes love can be a source of weakness. As human beings, we tend to soften on people we love; we would compromise on standards and certain principles to life because we do not want to hurt a person or in this case a pet. Don’t worry am not pointing any finger; actually, it is natural, it is how our brain works. Love tends to cover better judgment and before you realize, things are a mess. The connection between people and animals cannot be explained any better other than through love; maybe love is a paradox; the fact that your dog does not talk back to you or even reassure you of its love but it never leaves and you also feel the attachment. We even go to the extent of wearing custom dog socks.

In as much as you love your dog, don’t let the bond cloud your better judgment. A pet is still an animal; it is guided by animal instincts hence the need to tame it and stop undesired habits. To the dog it might not be wrong to act in some way but it is unacceptable in the human world. Do not let your furniture and flower vase break because your dog is having fun; it is frustrating to watch your well-knitted carpet getting destroyed.

Here are some bad habits that your dog should stop


Whether you are keeping a cat or dog as a pet, they both have tendency to chew or claw your fabrics on the sofa, carpet or even custom dog socks. You must have seen your dog stretching or continuously clawing on table legs or other furniture. If you allow this to continue, you will lose the elegance that you put in money and time to realize with your home décor expert. To stop this bad behavior, apply bitter apple or lemon spray on these surfaces. This is the only language for pets. Lovimals would be able to provide your need.

Urinating outside the box

You must have designated spot for your pet to urinate. It is easier for you if you live in the woods or on a ranch somewhere in the countryside where the dog is a hunter by nature. In such home settings, dogs by animal instinct would go out to the woods to urinate. However, if you have a box set on one corner, make sure it is used as intended. This misbehavior is common with cats, which can be annoying. To stop your cat from urinating other places other than the litter box, cover the clean area with aluminum foil, which will scare it away.

Eating poop

This is disgusting. It is the only better way to explain this behavior. Your dog might be licking poop even for the cat without your knowledge; it is important to be vigilant with its operations around the house. To stop this, consider adding pumpkin, pineapple, spinach, and fermented vegetables to the dog’s food; it will reduce its appetite on fecal matter.

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