Surprising Findings Of How People Buy Clothes and Shoes

Brands are investing more in online shopping than in-store shopping. With new brands coming out, retailers and manufacturers are rushing to generate growth for their business. They come up with recent changes to satisfy the customer. But do customers want all these changes? Many retailers and manufacturers answer this question by gathering information that focuses on previous and new products’ sales. Below are shocking findings of people when shopping for clothes and shoes.

  • Online shoppers spend more money at brand stores and websites than multi-brand stores.
  • The myth is that the retailer doesn’t matter, but research has shown that shoppers spend more at brand stores than multi-brand stores. A way to encourage more sales is to create direct-to-consumer channels to maintain and develop a brand’s image.

  • Customers are happy to rebuy the same or similar item.
  • Customers are always looking for items that can replace an item they already have. Brands should look out for customers that like a product and resell it to them. Purchasing a product that has been previously bought is easy through advertisement, promotions on similar items, and subscription services. Brands that are eager to know customers better should encourage them to go online while at the physical stores to comment on products through apps. Manufacturers can follow up and promote repurchase for their products.

  • Shopping is carried out through a single channel, though it is changing.
  • Omnichannel has been recent over the years. The myth is that shopping for customers has become omnichannel, which combines store visits and online interaction during their shopping journey. But the shopping journey is overwhelming in physical stores. Independent retailers need to focus on having their customers at their physical stores. Brands should use technology to customize the in-store experience for shoppers as it encourages customers to use their smartphones while they are in-store. In-stores should also make the shopping experience memorable by providing drinks and other hospitality services, enabling in-store customers to complete their transactions online.

  • Customers buy more products online than in a physical store.
  • The myth is that the sales channel does not matter, but the truth is, customers, buy more products when they are online. One reason is that free shipping comes with a minimum size and customers prefer to fill up the cart to reach the conditions. Also, online shopping offers a greater product range. Moreover, it Is easy to create impulse purchase from information gotten about the shopper, which act as an incentive to have a large cart. Physical store owners should put to drive their customers to purchase goods from their website. Brands can expect customers to buy more at Valentino’s shop display than when they visit a physical store.

  • Shopping online is longer than shopping in-store.
  • Online shopping sounds like an easy process. But customers spend more time online than in-store. But Online purchase starts with a customer looking at a website, checking several online stores before purchasing from a particular retailer. It means that online store owners should work harder to sell their products while they have their customers’ attention. They can get the attention of their customers by sending a promotional message or creating loyalty programs. They should remove hassles that come with online shopping. Online shoppers say that they abandon a cart when they encounter an issue while shopping or don’t like the store’s return policy. When it comes to sales volume, online has the edge. Online shopping has a more significant percentage than in-store.


    When it comes to increasing sales, brands should stick to single brands. Adding more brands will only overwhelm your customers. Brands should be more interested in getting the customer on their website because shoppers spend more time online shopping than physical shopping. People who have a tight work schedule will find it difficult to go to a physical store but can easily purchase a product online. From these findings, brands should focus on incorporating their online stores with their commercial units. The retailer should make the buying process smooth and profitable for them and the customers as well.

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