About Indoor Storage Units

While I still hold on to location where storage units near me have a priority, the industry has revolutionized and there is much more to consider when in need of a storage unit. The increasing demand for extra storage has led to customization of services in the industry. People no longer store items that they rarely use. Previously, storage facilities were inactive places, they barely had employees because once a client fills up the unit and lock it up, it will take months before they check on them. Today, perishable items and high valued property is stored; the owners are in constant watch to protect and use the items.

Every type of storage facility has its pros and cons; however, Indoor storage is the most preferred type of storage facility and these are some of the reasons.


Most of indoor storage facilities have enhanced security features. 24-hour guard by skilled security officers is a standard practice in this type of facilities. CCTV and sensors are fitted in every corner of the premises including doors to each of the storage units. Security is the first thing you should be concerned of whether you are strong gold or plastic. The fact that you have to pay for storage means you value the goods. Outdoor storage facilities have a great challenge when it comes to security; although most of such facilities are well fenced, the fact that your goods are visible is a security threat.

Protection from weather related damage

Irrespective of the nature off goods you intend to store, extreme temperatures and exposure to water will be harmful. It doesn’t have to be perishables or sensitive goods for you to be keen and seek an indoor unit. Cold, light, heat, and wind damage goods. Whether you are covering with carton boxes or wrapped in canvas; weather can be fierce and unstoppable. This is why indoor storage facilities are not an option for you. Storage facilities near me are all competing to establish indoor services because of the increased demand.

Walls not only protect the goods from external physical damage but also regulate temperature and other conditions within the room. The possibility of damage in indoor storage facilities is unlikely as compared to outdoor facilities.

Enhanced services

Indoor storage facilities are incomparable when it comes to quality of services. These facilities not only offer space but also proper maintenance of goods that may increase value of your items. Climate controlled rooms, fumigation services, and automated security systems are only available in indoor storage facilities. You don’t want to miss on these essential and quality services because you are saving few dollars. Bugs, for instance, are a challenge in outdoor storage facilities, which is a non-issue in indoor facilities. Most indoor facilities regularly fumigate storage units to protect client goods.

The list on why you should consider an indoor storage facility is endless.

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