The best VOIP phone providers for Small Businesses

VoIP phone service is growing in popularity, especially among small businesses. VoIP phone service providers that are the best have an internet connection of at least 1 mbps. This connection is fast enough for ten calls per second. Some companies offer high-speed plans, while others offer low-speed plans. For as low as $80 per monthly, you can get a high-speed plan for your business.

A VoIP phone system can cost you a lot depending on your business. While some VoIP phone providers are very popular, they charge $20 per month. Others charge much more. You should also take into account the cost of setup. While some providers offer call waiting, others charge more for additional features. Some VoIP plans come with various features, including apps and multiple users. However, a VoIP phone system can be a cost-effective option for a small business.

In addition to price, you should also look into security and privacy standards. VoIP providers often advertise compliance with HIPAA standards and the General Data Protection Regulation standards. This protects personal data. To ensure security, they also undergo SOC protocols. These certifications will ensure that you receive reliable service and high-quality service. It’s also a good idea to choose a VoIP provider that has a good reputation.

Nextiva is the next best VoIP provider and a great choice for small and medium-sized companies. It is easy to use and offers an unlimited calling plan for just $25 per month. It is a top VoIP provider and offers a free domestic calling plan. Besides these two finalists, you can check out the reviews of each to see which is the best for your business. If you are looking for a VoIP provider, ensure that they have a track record of providing excellent customer service.

The best VoIP phone provider for small and growing businesses is Vonage. With a simple interface, Vonage is easy to use and affordable at $25 per user and offers native integration with over a hundred CRMs and other business tools. Vonage is a great choice for small and medium-sized companies thanks to its conversation intelligence features. With just a few clicks, you can also view other features. This type of service is suitable for many kinds of small businesses.

VoIP phone providers

VoIP phone providers may offer 14-day or one-month free trials. Before making a decision, it is important to look into this option. A free trial will allow you to try out the service for yourself and decide if it’s right for you. You can keep the trial and then compare it to other VoIP services to decide if they are the right choice. You’ll be glad that you signed up. It will be a joy!

If you’re a small business, Vonage is the ideal choice. Vonage’s plans include unlimited calling, SMS messages and auto attendants. They also offer call routing and call routing. The premium plans can include CRM integration and business numbers in over fifty countries, depending on your needs. These companies are changing the way businesses use VoIP for their communication needs. Choosing the right provider will save you money and make your life easier.

VoIP plans

In addition to unlimited calling, VoIP plans typically offer other features such as caller IDs, messaging, and voicemail. Most VoIP plans include unlimited texting and international calling. Premium security features, such as an anti-virus or anti-spam protection, may be included in a business plan. However, some companies are more expensive than others. Before you commit to a VoIP phone provider, make sure to shop around. You can then compare and choose the best provider for your needs.

Vonage is a great choice for small businesses. Small businesses will love the affordable pricing of $25 per user per month. The service also provides native integration with 100+ CRMs and Helpdesks, and it allows you to control the information displayed on your calls. It offers exceptional customer service. You should consider the cost and features that are most important to you when choosing the best VoIP provider.

How Does Football Betting Spread Work?

When football gambling, the best strategy is to play it safe. Avoid emotional betting and stick to data-based decisions. Also, don’t bet on your hometown team. While longshots may seem appealing, these bets rarely win. In the Kentucky Derby, a horse at 50/1 odds would win by a wide margin but wouldn’t pay out as much as a favorite. In addition, longshots are unlikely to win games.

Aside from the obvious observations, the spreads are important as well. You should always check the betting odds of a game before making a decision. For instance, if a team is favored, the spread will be higher. The same goes for underdogs. However, if the underdog is favored, you should bet against the underdog. It is essential that you know the strength of each team. It is also wise to know the popularity of each coach.

While comparing teams, don’t forget to keep in mind the point spread. Oftentimes, the underdog is favored by a wide margin, but this isn’t the only thing to look for when making your pick. There are a few other things to consider before settling on a point spread. For example, if Alabama is favored by a wide margin, the point spread would be -50. A close game would have a score of 14-12 or a loss by two points.

It’s also helpful to know which teams have a recent winning streak against their rivals. For example, if Tom Coughlin had been coaching against Bill Belichick, he would be favored by a large margin. For example, the Patriots’ recent record against the Patriots is better than theirs. In addition, their road record may influence the spread. If the team is popular, the spread will likely be lower.

It is important to note that home-field advantage is worth three points for a team. Then, a team’s coach may be influential in the spread. If Bill Belichick plays the Patriots, Tom Coughlin is a 5-2 underdog against the Patriots. The spread should be based on the popularity of each coach. In addition, the spread should reflect the teams’ recent performance. A good bet would be to bet on the favorite.

One of the most popular สมัครแทงบอล is to bet on the favorite. The reason is simple. If you are betting on a team, make sure you know what the other team is capable of. It’s easy to bet on a favorite if it is a favorite. Another great strategy is to bet on teams that have the same strength. A team that is weaker can win more games, and vice versa.

In addition to knowing which teams are the favorites and the underdogs, you should also take note of the spread. When betting on the underdog, the spread is generally a half-point higher than the actual score. The number is still important, but it will not affect the game. In the end, you should bet on the favorite. Aside from this, you must also watch for the underdog. If the team is playing the underdog, it won’t win, and the underdog has the advantage.

The next tip is to watch for the spread. In football betting, it’s important to know how much the spread is before betting. If the spread is high, you should bet the underdog. A team with a high point differential will win the game. A team with low points will lose. If the underdog wins, it will lose, but a low-scoring team will win the game. Those are just some of the tips to help you choose the best football bets.

Besides point spreads, you should also look for over/under bets. In football, an over/under bet is a wager placed on a single game’s total points. Using this type of bet, you’ll bet on the total points scored by the two teams. The over/under bet is worth more than half of the total points scored by the team. If there are ties in a game, the underdog is likely to win by more than one point.

The deposit bonus is the amount of money a sportsbook will give you in return for placing a bet. Depending on the sports book, the bonus might be as much as $1,000. For example, a half-point parlay is worth only fifty cents. A half-point parlay is more likely to win, so bet on the underdogs of both teams. If a team has a home field advantage, they are more likely to win the game.


Reviews about your product can come in three forms; positive, neutral, or negative. It is not a very common practice for sellers to reply to buyers when they leave a review, especially online. Sellers often fear that customers may get irrational and resort to using foul language. But to do any form of business, you cannot completely avoid interactions with customers. And this is still the case even after they have made a purchase. 

Sellers, who ensure they keep the communication lines clear, even after making a sale, tend to retain more customers than those who don’t. For positive and neutral reviews, it might not look like much, but for negative ones it is important. Depending on the kind of business you do, a customer may want to take expressing their frustrations further to the point of reaching authorities. If you did your part well, this might not immediately be a concern, but if authorities keep getting repeated complaints like that, it puts your business in exactly the kind of light you don’t want. 

Knowing how to reply to customer reviews becomes an essential skill to ensure the smooth running and the eventual growth and survival of your business. Customer retention and business expansion are two critical factors in having long-term business success. A business that doesn’t grow will inevitably diminish. 

Below are a few things to do when replying to customer reviews to ensure you get the best from them.

  • Respond appropriately

An inappropriate response is worse than no response at all. It turns a good situation bad and makes an already bad situation worse. The way you respond to neutral reviews is not the same way you respond to negative ones. 

A positive review comes from a satisfied customer. You want to cement that and seal their loyalty forever. A good word or two will do more than just “reply a review”, it will make your customer feel appreciated. A simple “thank you for your honest feedback” can do this. 

Neutral reviews come from indifferent customers. You don’t have the loyalty of these. If you can offer an appropriate reply, you can turn this situation around. People feel more emotionally connected to you when they know they’re being listened to.

For negative reviews, it is a matter of necessity. However, you must make sure you don’t get caught in a war of words with the customer. Let your main goal here be empathy and solving the problem 

  • Don’t be too hasty to say something

If you can’t wait to reply, just say “thank you for your feedback” and wait. Hasty replies, asides from sounding generic, often need to be corrected later. And that proves that you are not a consistent individual or business. 

While you should attempt to reply to the customers quickly so they would rest assured you’re trying to solve the problem, don’t do so hastily and say things you have to correct later. 

Also if you’re not an empathetic person, haste will make you say things that may ruin your brand reputation. 

  • Attempt to reach the customer directly

In most transactions, it is often the customer that tries to reach the seller. You can reverse this and have dedicated and trained feedback handlers.

If the problem is complicated, engaging the customer on the review page might not be the best way to go. You can request their contact so that you can respond to them via a direct message, phone call, email, or even a visit if necessary. 

  • Understand the peculiarity of your business

You cannot afford not to use feedback when rendering services like medical services. 

For example, online betterhelp reviews provides counseling and therapy online. Customers can leave reviews online about the service they get from BetterHelp. In this case, you need to take reviews seriously because someone who is taking a post-traumatic stress disorder test is not the same as someone buying a pizza. Even though they are both transacting, the stakes are not the same. 

As such, the online reviews from portals like BetterHelp become more than just business tools. In this case, they are medical tools with health implications. 

  • Avoid generic solutions or replies

Products are not always the same, neither are customers. Combine the products and the customers, and you have even more permutations.

Listen or read, to understand the actual problem. That way, you would be saving both your time and that of the customer, ensuring that the transaction gives you both the best value possible in the end.

For the medical services, this is particularly important. Several people go through things like depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other ailments without even knowing. And these are often caused by their personal experiences which are always different. You can’t just take one reply and throw it at them all. You begin to solve the problem by replying specifically to them.

Customer reviews are more than just text thrown on a page. They are tools that online businesses can use. And knowing how to reply to them is a skill that makes their use even better.

Real Estate Marketing: 11 Highly recommended tips to become a successful Real Estate Agent in 2022

Are you wondering to be a real estate agent? Are you a beginner in this field of real estate marketing? Do not be panic as here are some tips that will help you to become a good real estate marketing agent.

What is meant by a real estate agent?

       A real estate agent is a professional who arranges everything about real estate marketing including real estate transactions, gathering buyers and sellers on a platform, and acting as their representative in negotiations. The income of a real estate agent depends upon the commission he gets by selling a property. A real estate agent works together with a real estate broker. Following are a few real estate agent tips to make a real estate business more successful.

1. Have a strategic plan for business 

A new business plan should always be reconsidered if not made before the end of the current year. Although prima facie, it would appear a tedious activity yet it would be much useful for the growth of real estate marketing. It would be beneficial for a real estate agent to peep upon the failures and successes of the last year. Ponder upon all the possible directions and business strategies that have worked as best recipes for the growth of the real estate business in the previous years as they can be used as a fresh.

2. Creating contacts through a database

In the beginning, a real estate agent keeps a record of all his contacts in a database system specified for keeping a record of contacts. But with time, it becomes evident that some of the contacts are more likely interested in the sale purchase of houses than anything else. For this ease, it becomes necessary to divide and arrange contacts into categories for future dealing. You can divide your contacts into three different categories. These are presented as follows:

  • High flamed or top priority leads:
  • High flamed or top priority leads are enlisted into the first category. They are usually those clients who always keep you on top of all in their minds. They are those of your clients who recommend you in their contacts when asked about a real estate agent. You should take care of your top priority clients and keep them in your mind. Paying gratitude to them is a golden rule both in ethics as well as in the real estate world as it pays back.

  • Ardent leads:
  • The other category that comes at serial number two is the ardent ones. They are those leaders who recommend you only at times but you can move them to your top priority leads by interacting with them ardently.

  • Arctic or frosty contacts:
  • Arctic or frosty contacts are your last category. They are those clients to whom you have helped but they have never referred anyone to you. You should also focus on these contacts with others. 

    3. Convince people around you

    People around you can be much beneficial for you to carry your business. They are the people who admire and recommend you in their contacts. Therefore you should always be in close touch with them as they introduce you to their friends and family circle. Do not seem like you are perusing your business in the guise of love and affection to your sphere of influence. Stay in touch with them on their important days and events, wish them and impliedly put your business in their minds. These are the people who will possibly admire you and compare you with others in the field.

    4. Be systematic by using online instruments and implementations

    In the real estate business, time is money. You would waste much time without a system. As time is the essence of the real estate business, so you need to keep everything at your fingers. And yes, it is possible with the advancement of technology as now a day anything is just a click away.

    For example, Dropbox is an online app. It helps you to manage your business anywhere. You can use it either on a cell phone or laptop. You can recall your schedules while escorting any other client. With the advancement of technology, multi-tasking has become a need of the hour. So this app also helps you to remind your multi-tasks simultaneously.

    5. Be committed fully to real estate

    Real Estate marketing is not leisure to enjoy at one’s own will. But it is a commitment requiring your full time with all positive energies. It is a twenty-four-seven job. It is not a part-time job nor can it be taken as a hobby. The real estate business can only be successful by giving one hundred percent. Real estate can only run by scheduling time and giving it fully. 

    6. Make investments to make a brand

    One of the real estate agent tips is naming a real estate business. It is very much important. It does not make a difference that you build a small or large-scale business firm in real estate. What is important is the name and making this name a brand. Just establish your own identity and make people recognize it.

    7. Re-design website

    Making a Business Website is the most known modern technology. It attracts clients with just a single click. Even it is also said that if you have no website, you have no existence. In this way, information remains at the fingertips anywhere anytime. 

    8. Make quarterly calls to clients.

    Like every living being, our clients also require care and concern from us. If you be in close and constant contact with your clients, it will enhance your business spectrum. The use of online apps like CRM or Lion Desk would help to notify you of the trials and tribulations of your clients. If for example, your client is celebrating a merry-making event, your call can enhance his happiness and he will feel good. And if he is facing some difficulty, your call would be helpful as it shows your concern towards your client. This activity takes time but it pays back.

    9. Arrange meetings to mail postcards

    In addition to earlier discussed points, one thing of worth is giving something of worth to your clients. It can be a postcard mailer containing gardening tips. One thing can be sending a postcard to remind your client to change his clock or another thing. But one thing to keep in mind is that these postcards should be written and attractive.

    10. Arrange Holiday Present

    Holidays gift sending is one of the most effective strategies to flourish the real estate business. Make a list of your top priority contacts and visit them personally. Take a holiday gift while visiting them. This is a way to thank them and enhance the business circle. Usually, leave a popcorn bag or honey jar with a note of best wishes for upcoming years to work with. Either give them to clients personally or leave them on their doors with all your basic information. It is a low price but effective technique to boost the real estate business.

    11. Go for market analysis annually

    The owner of a house will always want to know the market price of his home irrespective of the fact that the market is high or low. Go on big days of your clients e.g. on birthdays or anniversaries. If you visit him on the anniversary, give him an annual market analysis. Do call your client on his big day; ask about his family and friends. Give them your target activity during light talks and offer them to analysis market or even email them an annual market analysis.

    So, these are the highly recommended tips to become a successful real estate agent in the present era. If you have any queries, comment us. You will surely find answers to your questions.

    What Do You need to Know About Bisexual Pride Flag?

    You might have observed the bisexual pride flag on some social media posts or maybe at some event. The rainbow flag has gained huge popularity within the past few years. The bisexual communities and supporters feel a deep connection to every color added to this bisexual pride flag. Only those who are closely associated with the struggles and emotions of this community can understand the proud history behind the bisexual pride flag.

    Michael Page, the famous bisexual activist created a bisexual flag and it was first revealed during the celebration of the first-anniversary party of BiCafe’s on 5th December 1998. The main purpose and intent of the flag were to maximize bisexual visibility and pride. The bi-flags are designed with a unique combination of colors including blue, purple, and pink. The flag makers often use the improved versions with royal blue, lavender, and magenta. The design is mainly inspired by two overlapping triangles where one is pink and the other is blue – this is the lesser-known but powerful symbol of bisexuality being used for several decades.

    Ranging from the top of the flag, it contains strips of pink, purple and on the bottom, blue. Usually, the blue and pink strips cover 40-40% portion of the flag; however, the purple shade is assigned to the rest 20%. Note that in this flag, the pink color represents attraction towards the same sex, blue indicates attraction towards the opposite sex, and purple is assigned for both. It is not possible to derive any other meaning from flag colors. In an interview, Page also stated that in order to understand the symbolism behind the bisexual pride flag, one should first notice how purple pixels on the flag blend unnoticeably into the blue and pink color – this message links us to the real-world scenario where bisexual people blend easily and unnoticeably into straight and lesbian/gay communities.

    This bi flag has gained huge popularity over the past 22 years and it is widely inspired by what we call bisexual lighting. Note that bi-lighting is basically a video, image, or film that makes use of different shades of blue, pink, and purple. Although many social activists and bisexual communities have updated the lesbian flag with a variety of colors from time to time to display different emotions; the central idea behind the combination of colors is to display integrity, unity, and respect towards bisexual communities. The bi flags speak about the identity of lesbian people and fight for their position in society.

    The rainbow flag is proudly flown on various occasions around the world. You will also find it commonly on various media channels such as Twitter and Facebook etc. with some meaningful captions. The creative designers also keep on creating several impressive versions of the bisexual flag to show their love and support towards the LGBTQ community. In case if you are also planning to celebrate any special occasion with other candidates of the lesbian community in your area, you can also consider using the bi flag to display affection towards this powerful community.

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