8 Things to Keep in Mind When Comparing Online ACLS Recertification Programs

ACLS certification—and recertification, for that matter—affects countless individuals working in the healthcare industry in both the United States and elsewhere around the world. Because ACLS quite literally deals with matters of life and death, making sure that you are currently ACLS will be very important.

According to the American Heart Association, ACLS certification is “For healthcare professionals who either direct or participate in the management of cardiopulmonary arrest or other cardiovascular emergencies and for personnel in emergency response.” In other words, in the event that someone has a heart attack or any other cardiovascular emergency, it will be the responsibility of those who are ACLS certified to issue the proper course of care.

In the United States, a heart attack occurs approximately every 40 seconds. Furthermore, 335,000 people will have their first heart attack in any given year (720,000 will have a heart attack of any kind). Clearly, heart attacks are quite common. Approximately 14 percent of all heart attacks will either directly or indirectly kill the victim. With proper care and safety procedures in place, the risks attached to a heart attack can be significantly reduced.

The importance of ACLS and other certifications (such as PALS, BLS, and others) is widely recognized by almost everyone involved in the medical field. But while the importance of getting and maintaining your certification may be clear, you might find yourself unsure which ACLS certification options will make the most sense for you. In this article, we will discuss eight things to keep in mind when comparing the various options you have available.

1. ACLS Certification Must be Renewed Every Two Years

If you are in the medical industry, it can be easy to lose track of the many different certifications and continuing education programs that are required by either the federal government or the organizations setting rules for your discipline. ACLS Certification must take place every two years, meaning that this is something you’ll want to pay close attention to. Planning your certification well in advance will help you avoid having to go through a last-minute time crunch.

2. ACLS Training is Required for Some, but Not All, Individuals in Healthcare

ACLS is required for many individuals involved in the medical industry, but—depending on where you work—there will still be some positions that are ultimately exempt. However, these individuals may still be required to complete advanced CPR or other related courses. If you are unsure whether ACLS certification is a required part of your job, be sure to speak directly with your supervisor. Even if the certification is optional, it is certainly beneficial information to have.

3. ACLS Recertification Classes Cover Many Different Skillsets

If you have never taken an ACLS recertification exam before, you may not know exactly what to expect. Generally speaking, these courses will be very similar to the original course that you took. Topics can include things such as how to use an AED and other life-saving devices, proper airway management, how to recognize a cardiovascular emergency, related pharmacology, and many others. Having a strong sense of familiarity with these topics may end up saving someone’s life.

4. There Are Many Benefits of Choosing an Online Course

While ACLS training is often available in person (and may even be offered directly at your workplace), there are plenty of other options available as well. ACLS training can usually be completed online, which offers a plethora of advantages. Not only will you be able to work from the comfort of your own home, but you may even be able to reduce the costs (and opportunity costs) of taking the class.

5. Look for ACLS Courses that Allow you to go at your Own Pace

One of the biggest advantages of ACLS online courses is that most of these courses will allow you to work at your own pace. This is especially valuable for busy medical professionals who, in addition to working more than 40 hours per week, are forced to juggle various other aspects of their lives. Furthermore, being able to breeze through the things you are familiar with while also being able to spend more time on things that are unfamiliar will help you use your time as efficiently as possible.

6. Different Courses will Have Different Requirements for Passing

While most online ACLS courses will be quite comparable to one another, the exact definition of what constitutes a passing score will depend on where, exactly, you are taking the course. In some cases, a grade of 32/40 (80 percent) will be considered passing, while others may require a 45/60 (75 percent). Regardless, most online programs will allow you to keep taking the test until you’ve finally passed.

7. Not All ACLS Certification Courses are the Same

Beyond the scoring discrepancies, there are still quite a few other differences between courses that will be worth paying attention to. For example, while the best ACLS recertification courses will allow you to pause the course whenever you want, others may require you to complete entire sections of the course at once. You should also look at things such as the number of continuing education credits each of these courses provides (the standard is 4 credits, but this can still vary by course provider).

8. There are Many Ways to Save on ACLS Recertification Classes

Though most ACLS recertification courses fall within a similar price range (about $110-$200 per course), there is enough variation within the industry that you’ll want to compare multiple different options. Signing up in groups, shopping during sales, bundling various courses (pediatric courses, for example), and buying in advance are all ways that you can potentially reduce the cost of ACLS recertification. If you are paying more than $129 for a given course, you can probably find a better deal elsewhere.

Conclusion - 8 Things to Keep in Mind When Comparing ACLS Recertification Courses

Your ACLS recertification course may be something you simply want to get over with, but its importance should not be ignored. When comparing your available options, be sure to choose a proven service that has the flexibility (and features) needed to work around your busy schedule. Once you have your proof of recertification in hand, you’ll be glad you took the time to compare the various options available.

How FMovies can Help You Organize Best Movie Night with Friends?

It is always amazing to spend some memorable time with friends. But maybe you would not always like to go out to have fun. Sometimes, it is even better to organize a get-together at home and spend some quality time.

Probably, many of your friends might be crazy movie lovers. They would love to enjoy some movies every weekend. In this scenario, you may get a little confused about how to plan a get-together at home only; without booking show tickets for the cinema. Well, the best idea is to enjoy movies online. Yeah! FMovies platform can help you organize the best movie night with friends and that too at your own premises.

Tips to Organize Best Movie Night with Friends:

Those who are trying this idea for the first time may be interested to know some tips to make this get-together more memorable for their friends. Below we have listed few of them to ease the task for you:

Tip 1: Make a wise selection for the movie

The first most challenge for this get-together plan is to select a great movie to watch with friends. You might be aware of the choice of your friends so it may help you to get some idea about what kind of movies you should shortlist. Furthermore, FMovies platform can help you find movies organized within specific categories. With this, it becomes easier to identify the best movies. You can also apply filters to shortlist collections that fit best for the occasion.

Tip 2: Set the room

Next important task is to set the vibes for an awesome get-together. Plan whether you will be enjoying your movie in the patio, living room or in the bedroom. The type of movie you have selected for the day will also help you decide the right room for the entertainment. Maybe the stuff will look more engaging on the large screen in your living room. However, few movies are more fun to watch on the laptop screens while relaxing in the bedroom.

Tip 3: Collect eatables

When you have decided not to go to the theatre, it is good to create some cinematic vibes at home. You can make popcorns for your friends and bring some cold drinks from the nearby store. Other than this, some food can be ordered online to give a special present to your friends. They will definitely love your idea and the arrangement as well.

Tip 4: Check your internet connection

Make sure everything is fine with your internet connection, and it will not interrupt your show. If the recharge is pending, do it on time and make sure the speed of the connection is also fine. It should not create blurry images during the show.

Tip 5: Make them comfortable

Other than this, you have to make comfort arrangement as per the weather conditions. If you are planning the movie night in the winter season, the blankets, heaters, pillows and some cosy stuff will be required. However, if this is the summer season, you have to check your HVAC system is working fine. It is important to ensure that your friends will feel comfortable and have a cinematic feel during the entire show.

Once you are ready with all these things, it is time to send invites to your friends on the weekend. They would love to cherish the day with you. FMovies provide most awesome streaming experience for the entertainment lovers online. After this memorable get-together, you will feel refreshed for another work-week ahead.

2020 Roll Up Hurricane Shutters Cost

Roll-up shutters are used to protect your house and family from any flying debris and strong winds like storms commonly called Hurricane which may contain dust, dirt, hail, etc. thereby causing damage and destruction all around. To avoid any damage or casualty Hurricane shutters are used and depending upon the type of shutter below are some simple methods which will help you to close them with ease.

  • Rolling Shutter: This is the simplest form of shutter used to protect your house and family from hurricanes and is remote-controlled. It gives you extra privacy and security. You can use it as per your need depending upon the hurricane occurrences. There are two forms of rolling shutters :
    • Automatic Rolling Shutter: It is a remote-controlled shutter which is fixed from outside on your door or window. You can easily operate them through the remote provided. Please read the instruction guide properly before operating the shutter. Usually, it has 3-5 functions only which make it simple and easy to operate.

    Tip: Please clear the channels of shutter regularly with vacuum and put grease or oil as a lubricant on every moving part.

    • Manual Rolling Shutter: It is a shaft controlled shutter that is operated manually from outside. Below are the steps to close the shutter:
      • Fit the provided tool/shaft over the lower mechanism and roll down the shutter gradually. Rolling shutter comes with the tool which is a long metal Rod with a crank.
      • One end fits into the mechanism provided on top-corner of the shutter and another end is used to rotate it.
      • Spin the completely towards the left side until it lowered completely and in the same way it is used to open the shutter by rotating towards the right.
      • Remove the handle and keep it safe and handy place.
      • Please clear the channels of shutter regularly with vacuum and put grease or oil as a lubricant on every moving part.

  • AstroGaurd Fabric Storm Panel: These are fabric shutters which are easy to install these comes along with mounting clips which are used to hold them tight during the storms. Please find steps to close the shutter:
    • Take out the roll of fabric shutter and place it on your window or door to protect.
    • Place the clips provided after certain gaps to hold the shutter tight during the storm.
    • Please check again if any gap is left or the fabric is loose. If any such gap is found then put a clip over then put the clip over there to hold it tight during the storm.
    • After the hurricane stops, take out all the mounting clips and roll back the fabric. Place it safely in your storehouse and keep all the clips along with it so that it remains handy.
  • Accordion Shutter: These shutters are permanently attached to the doors or windows and are very cheap as compared to rolling shutters. Below are the steps to close the shutter before the hurricane hits your house:
    • Take out the key and unlock the shutter. There must be a lock on one side of the shutter.
    • Unlock the locking rods which are placed on either side of the window shutter panel. The top rods will rise-up and lower rods will come down. The Lock rods hold the shutter when they are not in use.
    • Pull the shutter towards the center of the window/door.
    • Fit the outside grooves into one another in both panels and then lock the shutter with the key provided.
    • Again Shift the locking rods to their respective positions .i.e., upper rod upwards and lower rod downwards. This will hold the shutter firmly during the hurricane and stops them from rattling during the hurricane.
    • Please use a vacuum cleaner regularly to remove the dust and dirt from the channels. Also, use a lubricant on all moving parts to allow them to work smoothly when required. Before every tropical season, check your shutter closely for any damage, if any then immediately call the technician.
  • Colonial Shutter: These are the most user-friendly type of shutter used in low-lying areas especially. Below are the steps to close the shutter before any hurricane occurrence:
    • These shutters are placed on either side of doors/windows and are supported by hooks or pins when not in use. Now remove the pins/hooks and close the shutter towards the center. Make sure that there isn’t any gap in-between and are held tightly.
    • Place the storm bars across both panels to hold them firmly during a hurricane.
    • Insert the screw and wingnuts to hold them tightly. Hence, securing the storm bars.
    • You will need 4 screws and 4 wingnuts and 2 in middle to hold the storm bar tightly during a hurricane.
  • Bermuda Shutter: Commonly known as Bahama shutter are very easy to close at the time of the hurricane. Below are the few steps to illustrate how one can easily close the shutter at the time of the hurricane.
    • Remove the stopper which is used to extend the arm when not in use.
    • Close the shutter panel properly and put a lock or screw (varies as per model). Make sure there isn’t any gap or panel that is not held loosely as it may temper the shutter during the hurricane.

    These are the steps to help you how to close your shutter properly before the hurricane hits. Now below are some methods to help you maintain your hurricane shutter to keep them 100% in proper condition thereby avoiding any destruction or damage.

    • Proper inspection is required on regular basis and if any fault or damage is found then immediately call the manufacturer or technician.
    • Make sure there isn’t any gap or panel is held loose and also remove all dirt/dust as it may restrict the shutter to get closed at the time of hurricane and it may damage your shutter and may also lead to destruction of your house during hurricane.
    • Proper lubrication is mandatory on regular basis on all moving part of shutter like screws, wingnuts, etc. 

    Effects of pornography on gay

    With the ever-surging popularity of the internet, restricting ourselves only to what we are immediately on the lookout for has not only qualified as impossible but, the temptation is too hard to resist. Earlier, when the reach of internet was relatively lesser, people fell back on DVDs and VCDs to fulfill their daily doses of entertainment; but presently, with the expansion of the web, the entire globe seems to have been compressed within the dimensions of our mobile and laptop screens and here, pornography is no exception.

    Separating from the crowd

    The relevance and significance of porn in the 21st century are unprecedented; from being one of the most appropriate vents to let out the pent-up distress of the day to exploring the different notches sex, it is the primary ground that directs them all. However, in this article, we will be restricting our concern only to the gay community and analyze the impacts of pornography on them. Accept it or not, even though we classify ourselves as a progressive race, there are still certain parts of the society that treats falling in love or getting attracted to someone from the same sex as nothing less than a taboo or even crime. But, pornography helps this community to successfully step out of these dark clusters and explore same-sex sexuality most effectually. This implies that the preconceived notions that encumbered the word “gay” and its underlying concept is ready to be questioned, reexamined and redefined. Uprooting the age-old conventions is nothing something that can be turned around in a day, but pornography can be attributed to a generous portion of the turnover that is gradually taking place over time.

    The aspects of intimacy

    Apart from the social aspect of it, pornography can prove quite beneficial for everyone willing to explore the distinct and intriguing nuances of physical intercourse that renders the highest form of satisfaction and accommodates wider ideas both literally and metaphorically. For gays living in the remote parts of the world, it is not uncommon to remain detached from sexual niceties and lack enough experience in such matters and this is where the role of pornography comes into play. Fearlessly relating out that there are a lot of couples who chose their wellbeing and happiness over the frowns of the society serves the gays with a silver lining amidst the darkest clouds.

    Potential changes

    Pornography, above all, principally bursts the bubble of the myth that physical pleasure can be garnered only when individuals from the opposite sexes form a union. Far from being what the so-called “reality” appears to be, studies have shown that porn has helped gay couples to perform better in bed, implement innovations and make the most out of their physical consummation without even the slightest tinge of a discrepancy. In the present scenario, under no circumstances can we steer away from accepting that internet indeed impacts sexuality and surprisingly the gay band performing and viewing the porn tapes are both raising questions about the possibilities circumscribing their sexuality and resultantly, the sexual identity.

    How to take care of elderly people in winters

    In the cold winter months, everyone, including the elderly are at excessive health risk. This is because the cold weather presents specific challenges that are exaggerated for the older adults. The cold weather brings with it certain health risks, and injuries related to the weather that can be challenging to deal with.

    This winter season stay prepared to deal with these challenges, and read on to find how you can keep the elderly in your homes safer:


    Older adults run the risk of getting cold very quickly. This is because their body surface area tends to lose heat faster—faster than when they were young. Doctors argue that age-related changes in the body make it harder for the individual to register the cold. Moreover, people with heart disease tend to get cold quicker. Thus, even a chill can turn into a big problem for an older adult, even before it registers with them that something is wrong.

    Hypothermia is when the temperature of the body drops very low. For older individuals, temperatures even 2 degrees below normal—95-degree Fahrenheit, can increase the risk of major illnesses like heart attack, liver damage, kidney problems or even worse.

    Hypothermia in the elderly happens when they remain outside in the cold for long or when the house, they live in is very cold. The warning signs of hypothermia include: pale or ashy skin, confusion, feeling tired or lethargic, slowed heart rate, slowed breathing, trouble with walking, feeling weak, and feeling sleepy. However, shivering is not a sign of hypothermia for the elderly, as they tend to shiver less when their body temperature drops.

    How to avoid hypothermia: to avoid hypothermia, it is important that the elderly stay indoors and don’t stay outside for very long especially during very cold weather. Hypothermia can happen to someone in a nursing home or their own house if the rooms are not kept warm enough. Moreover, certain people cannot keep warm due to a chronic disease—like hypothyroidism. Therefore, the indoor temperature should be about 65-degree Fahrenheit or warmer. Ensure that the house isn’t cold because of heat loss through the windows. Keep the blinds and curtains closed, and close the gaps between the windows.

    It is also important to dress warm, even no warmer days, and layer up with 2 to 3 layers of warm clothing, rather than wearing a single thick layer of clothing. Essential winter wear like hats, scarves and gloves should also be worn to mitigate body heat loss. Inside the house, use a blanket over the legs, and wear warm socks. While going to sleep, it is a good idea to use extra covers.

    Most older adults do not keep their weight in the optimal range, and therefore have less body fat. Fat under the skin helps to keep the body warm, but if an older adult is not eating enough, he may have difficulty keeping warm.

    Lastly, gas heater should be used with extreme caution in a house with older adults and around children. They are not only a fire hazard but can also be a source of carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, it’s better to use electric heaters if you have older adults in the house.    

    Injures during the season

    Falls during the winter season are common; either due to socks or slippery floors. Before you step out of the house, ensure that the sidewalks are clear, and the pavements are not wet. For safety, boots should be worn with non-skid soles that can help prevent a fall on slippery flooring. For older adults using canes, the rubber tips should be replaced before taking them outside.     

    Keep the elderly active

    Winters can be a lonesome time for the older adults. It is important to keep them active with light and safe exercises at home. A get together with their fellows, once in a while, can also help with loneliness. Books and movies are another way for the older individuals to keep busy and keep winter blues at bay.

    Keep an eye on nutrition of older adults

    During the winters, the diet of the older adults should be monitored. Most adults stop eating much during the winter and their weight drops, which can be bad for their health. Thus, a balanced diet should be taken, and vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables should be incorporated into the diet. If you are not sure about what diet to take or leave, consult with a nutritionist to seek their help. Many people face a lack of vitamin D and micronutrients during the winter, thus increasing their risk of catching cold and disease.

    Maintain safe heating

    As mentioned before, gas heaters pose a lot of risk. Thus, for winter time, safe and stable heating appliances are important to maintain. Fireplaces, furnaces and heaters should be in good working condition before they are used. Moreover, annual cleaning, venting and inspection of gas appliances, and fireplaces should be done before winter season to reduce the risk of gas leakage and carbon monoxide poisoning.

    This season keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the hazards of the cold by applying the tips we shared above.

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