Innovative Dress Designs for a Sexy Valentine’s Day from Three Wishes

Valentine’s Day is known as the special day for the lovers and generally, the young love partners want to do many naughty things among themselves to make this day memorable for both of them. Hence, it is natural for the young women to search for sexy outfits that will make them more attractive to their lovers on this special day. Three Wishes is a reputed fashion wear brand that is well aware of this fashion demand during this time of the year and thus, creates many lucrative designs that any modern woman will love to wear on Valentine’s Day.

Few dress designs made for Valentine’s Day by Three Wishes  

  • Shalimar robe lingerie set is a charming outfit for any young woman that is made in the style of a Japanese kimono. This short length robe with free-flowing three-quartered sleeves is provided with a belt in the waist region and has a unique design like a babydoll chemise. The deep V-shaped neckline and low-cut back make this dress look sexier for the women wearing it on Valentine’s Day. This sophisticated lingerie set with padded lingerie hanger is available in black, crimson red and emerald green colors.
  • Sheer lace robe set created by Three Wishes is a highly seductive type of attire that the women prefer to wear on Valentine’s Day. This thigh-length robe made entirely of lace is available in white, red and black colors. The dress is provided with satin collars and belt of the same color as the lace that is made of nylon and elastane fibers. The robe also consists of a G-string of matching the color.
  • The satin robe of short length is an elegant women’s wear, which may be available in various vibrant colors, like fuchsia, pink, light blue, golden, gray, ivory, teal, white, black, purple and lavender. This silky smooth robe can be tied around the waist with a matching colored sash and is provided with a similarly elegant chemise of the same color.
  • Christy cami lingerie sleepwear set is made to be comfortably loose for the wearer while sleeping at night. This two-piece nightwear is created from light lacy fabric that is made of a mixture of polyester and elastan. The well trimmed cami and the matching short are perfect for making the wearer much more seductive on the Valentine’s Day.
  • The pink rose cap sleeve babydoll is a romantic outfit for the stylish women, due to its cup-shaped sleeves that are made of lace and interior mesh made of microfiber. As the entire dress is made of a sheer polyester material, there are ruffled detailing on the front part and the sleeves to make this baby pink colored dress more attractive.

Apart from the above-mentioned lingerie sets, robes and corsets; Three Wishes has also gained expertise in creating various dresses of erotic designs that can be used by the young women on Valentine’s Day. The purchase of enticing lingerie helps them induce the sparks of love in their lovers, which make their Valentine’s Day celebration more memorable and also strengthens the bonding of love between the couples.

Best 1.5 Ton Split Air Conditioners in India in 2018

This winter season was deprived of rains and snowfall. In the layman language, we are trying to convey that be prepared to experience sweltering heat this summers. The demand for air conditioners will be soaring in a couple of weeks. Before you bear the brunt of high costs and a shortage of air conditioning appliances, procure a robust 1.5-ton split air conditioner for your place. Some of the best options in the split air conditioner segment have been listed here.  

Voltas 1.5-Ton 5-Star Rating 185JY Split Air Conditioner 

Market Price: Rs 28,999 

Capacity: 1.5 ton 

Type: Split 

Condenser material: Aluminium  

Star Rating: 5 stars 

Product | Compressor Warranty: 1 year | 5 years 

Exclusive Features: Cross Flow Air Vent, Self Diagnosis, Auto Swing 

Voltas is an indigenous air conditioner manufacturing firm whose products are affordable and highly efficient. Evident by a 5-star rating accredited by BEE, the split AC delivers a spectacular performance. The Cross Flow Air Vent and Auto Swing feature ensure excellent ventilation across the room. Various filters integrated into the AC prevent microorganisms and dust to thrive inside the room. Being a 5 Star rated AC and good value for money, this is definitely one of the best 1.5 ton split ACs in India

Micromax ACS18ED5AS02WHI 1.5-Ton 5-Star Rating Split Air Conditioner  

Market Price: Rs 22,999 

Capacity: 1.5 ton 

Type: Split 

Condenser material: Aluminium  

Star Rating: 5 stars 

Product | Compressor Warranty: 1 year | 5 years 

Exclusive Features: 4-way swing, Gold-fin technology, 3-in-1 filter, Turbo Cooling 

This is a marvel from the house of Micromax. The AC is equipped with numerous customer-oriented features to deliver terrific performance throughout the year. The 3-in-1 filter filters harmful chemicals and microorganisms, and it infuses Vitamin C for freshness in the air. For instant cooling, you can activate Turbo Cooling mode. The 4-way swing will circulate air in every nook and corner.  

Whirlpool 1.5-Ton 5-Star Rating MAGICOOL ROYAL 5S Split Air Conditioner 

Market Price: Rs 26,999 

Capacity: 1.5 ton 

Type: Split 

Condenser material: Aluminium  

Star Rating: 5 stars 

Product | Compressor Warranty: 1 year | 5 years 

Exclusive Features: 6th Sense Fast-Cool, Advanced MPFI Technology, Temperature Sensor 

This particular spilt air conditioner from Whirlpool aims at maintaining required ambient conditions by utilizing effective technologies. For example, 6th Sense Fast-Cool technology and Advanced MPFI technology ensure instant cooling and efficient heat exchange mechanism respectively. The AC is capable of rendering relief even if the outside temperatures sway around 54 degree Celsius.  

Sansui 1.5-Ton 5-Star Rating SSD55WS1_MDA/QDL Split Air Conditioner 

Market Price: Rs 24,499 

Capacity: 1.5 ton 

Type: Split 

Condenser material: Aluminium  

Star Rating: 5 stars 

Product | Compressor Warranty: 1 year | 5 years 

Exclusive Features: 4-way Air Deflection, Dehumidification, Low Noise 

Invest your hard-earned money in Sansui AC to dissipate heat in your homes. The refined motor functions at reduced noise levels, thus, without creating a ruckus in the room. The Auto Restart feature and Turbo-Cool mode maintain optimum temperature levels without a fail. The presence of four cooling modes works seamlessly under different temperature conditions.  

Hitachi 1.5-Ton 5-star Rating RAU/RAC/RAS - 518HWDS Split Air Conditioner  

Market Price: Rs 35,499 

Capacity: 1.5 ton 

Type: Split 

Condenser material: Copper 

Star Rating: 5 stars  

Product | Compressor Warranty: 1 year | 5 years 

Exclusive Features: Kamin Function, Koukin filter, Auto Climate and Auto Humid control 

Hitachi ACs encapsulates all factors that facilitate an enhanced user experience. The integrated technologies curate a healthy and pleasant ambience without incurring hefty electricity costs. The induction of copper condenser means efficient heat transfer mechanism, product longevity, and low maintenance costs. Kamin function regulates temperature at a predefined rate ensuring optimum cooling.  

You don’t need to worry about hefty electricity bills because these air conditioners utilize minimum electricity to regulate the ambient temperature. Install a 1.5-ton split air conditioner to disperse scorching heat, thereby, boosting your productivity.  

Select the best car accident lawyer for getting your financial aid

There are numerous accidents which are occurring in our day to day life due to the vehicles. These accidents can be minor where there is none of the serious injuries to the people who are in the vehicle and also minor damage to the vehicle itself. Major accidents can include serious damage to the life and property which can result in serious financial loss and stress over the mind.

It is extremely required to have a compensating mechanism which can provide help to these individuals and thereby help them to recover from the situation fast enough. Insurance can provide compensation for the financial loss which they have incurred. It can thereby help them in getting relieved from the financial burden.

The case when one should consult accident lawyer

There are many different cases of the occurrence of an accident. Each of this case is having their own unique reason for why the accident has taken place and it determines the kind of loss which one might have faced due to the same. These will result in the mental and physical pressure over the individual due to the kind of situations through which they are moving through.

In many of those cases, they are not getting any kind of support to those individuals which might result in great suffering for them. It becomes essential for them to survive even under the difficult situations and move out of the same. Such a situation for them also results in work-life imbalance for them which will make the life difficult for them.

It is hereby required to have security for them which can prove to be a kind of relief for them. This relief can be either in the form of monetary or stress relief. Their stress can be relieved by their closed one’s whereas they can ask for the monetary relief from the insurance companies by hiring an accident lawyer which can help them to claim their amount.

Selecting the best car accident lawyer

There are many factors which will contribute to the selection of the best car accident lawyer. These factors will include their experience in dealing with those kinds of situations, their past cases dealt, their winning rate and so on. All these factors will help us in judging whether a particular lawyer is capable of helping us to the fullest.

In addition to the various factors which are discussed here, one also needs to consider the cost which will be incurred in hiring the lawyer as they are already under the financial burden. All these factors when considered together will help us in selecting the lawyer which can help us the most during the difficult situation.


Thus we can say that one can hire accident lawyer when suffered from an accident in order to get a financial relief which can also further help them to get relieved mentally. This will help them further in dealing with the situation with more confidence and thereby get the desired output which they wish.

Four Key PR Trends to Watch in 2018

So, Christmas and New Year celebrations are over which means that we are now officially in 2018. As we are already watching 017 from the rear mirror, it is time now to sit down and to look for the trends that we will enjoy in 2018. We believe that 2018 will set new trends in every field and there will be trends as well that will affect the PR practitioners. Let’s find out the trends that we believe can affect PR in 2018.

Brand Reputation will be the key:

According to Akshat Thapa from NewswireNEXT: “You might be thinking that brand reputation has always been a key in PR so what will be new in 2018? We believe that brand reputation will be the most valuable asset in 2018 then the past few years. We have already seen that people these days are going for the known names instead of experimenting with the new names. Although this will make the process of branding more difficult but to stay ahead in the market you have to build up your brand’s reputation. This will let people know that they have someone to trust upon when a crisis hits. So, make your move today and start working on the online newsrooms, websites, social media accounts, and blogs.”

Brands are going to express more social good messages, which can backfire:

 Another strategy that brands follow to appear more and more in the social media news feed is that they express a socially good message. We have seen in 2017 that many brands have tried to counter the negativity with what they hoped would be perceived as positive messages. It has worked wonderfully for some of them, but it doesn’t mean that it will work for all of them. We have seen a consumer who rejects such campaigns from the brands, and sometimes those brands end up on getting bashed at the social media. So, brands have to be very careful when sending a good social message. If you are not very good at doing that, then it is advised to focus on what you are best at.

Relations with the pure media might not work:

 We have seen in 2017 that more and more companies have tried their way to get in complete touch with the pure media and journalists. But newsroom has already in the phase of thinning out since 2016 and in 2018 it will further thin out. Because of that, more and more journalist will lose their jobs, and they might not be able to get in the position when they were before. And this will impact PR practitioners as they will then unable to get their brands in the reputable media outlets. The effects of this will be more complex on b2b brands PR because they will not have any source to trade in media. This simply means that media relations have to be more creative in 2018 and brands have to look for the new ways to support the journalists although relying 100 percent on media might not work but this change will present an opportunity for PR pros as they will move to the paid media.

Ad agencies will join the game strongly:

 As relations with pure media might not work for the brands, ad agencies will start to work hard to get more clients for themselves. They might support their efforts with the earned social media and other platforms through press coverage.

Smart housing, quality choice for a smart living

There are many places in the world that emerged recently across the world as
a preferable destination for business outsourcing and also for booming industry of information technology. This is the actual reason that the real estate
business is in a tremendous growth in such places. Apart from the software
companies, some major places are also in demand for the automobiles companies
to set up their product manufacturing units. Another reason that people are
showing their interest to shift such places is the communication facility. Most
of the major living areas have been hugely occupied now but still, there is a continuous and regular demand for a place for luxurious living. To fulfill all the desires, the popular real estate brands have come with their different housing projects in various places. These high-quality housing projects are mostly on the lap of the cities. These are luxurious flats for a stylish living.

The reason that people investing in housing projects

There are lots of reasons that people investing in their own home in these projects:

Contemporary Architecture.

We are living in the twenty-first century and we love everything unique, different and very smart in our life and in this genre these housings are just unbeatable. Besides that, these real estate brands are coming up with the high-end housing opportunities with cutting-edge facilities and world-class designs. The architectural design and the interiors are modern, unique here.  There are lots of spaces in these apartments for passing the sunlight and the air. So the interior of the apartments inspire you for quality living in your own cozy adobe. 

Great Communication

These housings are located at the center of every city.  So, these may offer you a great communication facility to other parts of your city and more over, rest of the parts of your country. The well-connected road with railway stations, bus stops made the place most important to the buyers. 

Inexpensive prices

The value of these apartments is specially quoted for the common people, who want a quality living in minimum value. There also the 3 BHK and the 4 BHK flats, so you can buy the flat according to your pocket loads and number of room requirement. 

Green landscape from high-rise windows.

These apartments are high rising, so you can enjoy a pictorial green landscape from your own window. They don’t allow any vehicular factions on the ground floor and also the complete security system for the residents. 

24X7 Maintenance service.

While you are in your home or in these housings, you will get the 24x7 maintenance service just by a call.   

Storage facility when you are moving

If your flat is not ready completely and you need a safe and secure place to keep all your belongings, the housing committee or the real estate company will arrange the self storage units for you, according to your size requirements. This is a completely flawless storage option and even you can keep your large households like sofas, tables even the expensive paintings, sculptures there too. 

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