What to avoid when creating banner ads?

The advertising industry is full of people who know what they are doing. But there are also people, who just can’t do their jobs properly. There are many possible reasons for this (Interns, novices, insufficient sleep or just lack of knowledge and skills). I found https://ultimatebanners.co to be really helpful when it comes to printing real banners. I have left their website link for you people to check.  

Like almost everything else, this also can be fixed. You always can sit down and learn through articles, courses, videos, etc. Unfortunately, most people are telling you only what you should do, without even mentioning the things that you shouldn’t. Let’s find out what are these things.

1. The banner ad is not attention-grabbing

With this mistake, everything else falls down, because, without people’s attention, the ad is just filling some blank space on the website. A lack of knowledge about colors, designs, fonts, and psychology are the main reasons for that.

As we already said, this mistake is not so hard to fix. Actually, in some cases, the ad may be perfect, but something on the website is stopping people from seeing the ad on its full potential. There are endless possible cases. Sometimes the fault is just not yours. And you have to accept this fact.

2. Lack of value

Okay, you have spent more than a week in designing the ad of your dreams. But don’t forget that you want to sell with this add, not to show off your designing skills. This mistake is so common that many inexperienced people burn out without even noticing their obvious mistake. People should get something from you only by seeing your banner ad. Sometimes this is very hard to achieve, but if you were that persistent in creating the outer parts of the ad, you would probably be the same in designing the value, the message, the core of your banner ad.

3. Not knowing your audience

If you haven’t targeted an audience, you can’t expect the best deals that have been made. You can’t just sell makeup to a male group in age groups of 30-55. It wouldn’t work better than selling this type of products to women on every age, right?

With the help of some advertising tools, you can control and do your own researches, which group buys the most and target it even more. Use a proper language to engage with the customers. If you are targeting a group of kids on the age of 12-18, you should consider using words, that are gaining popularity in their communities. Advertising is great, but only when it’s made the right way.

4. Not spending enough money on advertising

That’s seriously a huge mistake because your ads sell your product - the more customers see your banners, the more sales you achieve. So, think about expanding your fields - For example post ads not only on Facebook but also on Instagram, because researches show that people spend about 5-6 hours a day, scrolling on the newsfeed. Sometimes the money spent is the key, but sometimes they are not. It’s worth trying out advertising on other big or not that big platforms. Maybe your audience is using a less known social media so you could advertise there.


The mistakes are part of life. We sometimes repeat the same mistake continuously which brings us a lot of trouble. Happily, the advertising industry requires many tests and experiments in order to understand what works out and what not. So, be grateful to these mistakes, because they are your best advertising teacher. Even the most expensive courses and seminars are not capable of teaching you the things that you have learned by doing mistakes.

Tips for choosing a pre-paid funeral plan

None of us like to think about the death of his loved one or even about himself. But sometimes we reach a point where we think about funerals and their advance payment because we always want to be on the safe side. We hesitate to take the risk especially on these occasions like funerals, weddings. It has become a custom to do arrangements before time. We all love our family and want to keep them stress-free especially our elders think like this. It’s hardest to talk about the funerals. It’s obvious to shed tears during preparation but what else can be done. This is the event about which a man does preparation not with a smile but with tears. Heart throbbing fact is you have to keep an eye on every matter so that no further problem raise during your death time and leave your family in management instead of sitting closer to you. People who take funeral plans must know about some tips so that funeral management teams or provider couldn’t chase their family after death. Choosing the most suitable and convenient funeral plan for yourself is an extremely important task which should be done with great care. Let’s explore some tips which would be helpful during your planning journey.

Don’t put it off

  Funeral plans are purchased according to the estimated price avoiding inflation. Try to buy your plan as soon as you can because providers always increase cost annually. Follow buy now and save money rule to make your life easier.


Consider your budget

  Look at your pocket how much you can afford? Would you prefer to go with one go or multiple? You can also get monthly installment facility with an extended time period of 2, 3 and 5 years. As far as you get the extension you would have to pay more due to extra fees and charges applied on administration work.  

Choose the level of service

  Funeral providers like at my net search offer three types of plans that are about simple, standard and superior. Choose the level of service which suits you best according to your need and requirements. While selecting the best plan you must keep your wishes under consideration in connection with your pocket’s size.  

Have a clear understanding of
additional charges

  Before signing an agreement with any party read document carefully and go through the whole plan. Make sure you have clearly understood each and every term & condition of your plan. After that look upon extra charges or fees that administration is charging for what purpose and for how long period. If something pinch at you mind call your provider and ask him to clear these stuff. Some companies offer their services and include taxes with the increment of inflation every year.  

Joint funeral plans

A joint funeral plan is designed for couples or two persons. Management handle funeral arrangement when one of the people dies. It is different in this sense from other funeral plans that two people are involved at a time. The joint funeral plan saves you money instead of paying for everyone separately. Both person’s names are written on one document but services are guaranteed to both of them.


Don’t jump into the well due to your emotions and heavy feelings of the funeral. Authenticate the agency or location before purchasing their plans. Government has declared funeral planning authority as the industry’s professional regulatory body. Look at their code of conducts and the core body structure validated by the government.

Funeral Director

Choose the best funeral director who understands your wishes and cooperates with you. Usually, the funeral director gives you an option to select a person in your local region who will look after your plan at your death. You have to select your funeral director within 28 days either from your locals or from authority.

Make a comparison

Don’t rely on one site or one agency. Better options always wait for a man and you get best when you explore things. You need to do extra work in finding the best. Compare agencies in services, prices, and reputation.

Online business ideas

The internet has taken over the world and it is literally impossible for most people in the world to spend even a day without using the internet. With the increased use of the internet there comes opportunities. Nowadays there are a lot of people who are working from home and making some good money from the work. There are a lot of freelancing companies that you can work for and if that’s not your cup of tea, you can start your own website and make money as a blogger.

In this article we look at some online ideas that you can utilize and make money from home. Just in case you might want to know more about Medicare supplement plans 2020, you can be sure to check out some of our other articles. Here are some ideas to help you make money from home:

  • Affiliate marketing

This is one of the best ways to make money from home and one that you can be sure of making good money from it. I know of people who make over 50,000 per year via affiliate marketing. You don’t need any experience to start affiliate marketing and anyone whether male or female can be sure to make money via the affiliate programs that are offered by different companies.

 All you need is build a website, start making high quality content and then get affiliate programs from the internet. You can be sure to join an affiliate network like ClickBank or Amazon associates so as to get the affiliate programs with you ease.

 A tip, don’t think that you will make money even when you sleep like most bloggers try to make us believe. You need to be very hard-working and most importantly, you need to choose a niche that you love and one that you can be able to create over 100 blog posts.

  • Copywriting

This is another way that you can be sure to make good money from home without necessarily having any experience. By now you must know that content is King and most companies are looking for copywriters to help them make good and high quality content for their websites.

 You can always be sure to land jobs as long as you can be able to create unique and high quality content. There are many freelancing you websites that you can join and start bidding for copywriting jobs. It is a niche that pays some good amount of money and you can even make it a full-time job if you enjoy it.

  • Blogging

As I had highlighted, you can also make some good money from home without necessarily being employed or something like that. All you need is build a website which should not be hard as you can do it for free if you use WordPress and then choose a niche which you are very good at. Start creating high-quality content that can help people solve some of their problems and monetize your blog with AdSense. If your content is good, people will always visit your website and you going to make some good money. 

St. Louis a must visit place - The beauty on earth

Hey, it’s holiday time; need to have explored the world. What will be your first step? You need to make a list of interesting places and then choose one of them just like me. I have chosen St. Louis a beautiful destination to satisfy my traveling taste buds. It was an awesome experience to visit a multicultural place. Let’s start our journey of Saint Louis;

A Multi-Cultural City

The beautiful city was founded way back in 1764 by Pierre Laclede, due to the unique location it has attracted many people from the Midwest and east. Nowadays this city is full of people from different cultures and backgrounds; you can see early settlers from Poland, Seatle, Italy, Asia, and all over the subcontinents. Due to its diverse culture, you can see different races, colors, and nationalities in this one region.

 Its cultural diversity gets you to feel comfortable and will not feel alienated, maybe you will find the people from your region, and you can enjoy the company of your fellow. You can buy food items as per your requirement as this city is offering a unique combo of cuisine.

Means of transportation to roam around

To roam around the city there are several options available you can use the Metro rail which was operational since 1993, and you can also use bus services to get easy access to all the popular places. But, I personally recommend a car for your ease of travel. You can also cab for your convenience.

Must Visit Places

There are so many fun spots in St. Louis city, many interesting places for children, adults, and for old people. Anyone that belongs to any age will not be going to be bored; here are some interesting places which you need to be explored during your visit.

The attraction for Horticulture lovers

Missouri Garden

Henry Shaw created this beautiful and amazing attraction in 1860; he was a merchant, but due to his love for plants he founded this garden. If you are a planting lover then you can visit this place which offers you new ways of thinking, new research on pollution control via plantation, endangered species are the major focus of this place. Horticulture lovers can visit and get informed about their fields.

St. Louis Zoo

St.Louis zoo is another attraction for the animal lovers; this zoo has been founded in 1876, but popularize among the community in 1904.This is the first American zoo where animals used to live in a natural manner and apparently it seems that it’s a real animal world. Children will also enjoy the zoo in full mood. They can see animals living directly without any fabrication and artificiality.

Art Museums

The Art museum which is located in Forest Park founded in 19th and Pulitzer Foundation filled with old and modern art media stuff. Art lovers can go there and enjoy the journey of the orthodox method to modern equipment utilization.


Jazz famous in St.Louis from the 19th century, chestnut hill area and the Mill Creek valley are the center of this music.handy’s famous music originated from the chestnut hill area. Now this city is having lots of arts organization

The Gateway Arch

The arch was firstly opened in 1965; now it becomes the most popular national park.it is known as the gateway due to its 630 ft. height and it is also known as the gate of the west. The arch and its related park is the attraction for the visitors.


You will be amazed to see the variety of food; Mexican, Italian and even Afghani cuisine you will found here without many efforts.

This city has many market places where you can get anything due to its diverse population. This city has offered many things to you. Storage units St Louis are more contemporary than the rest of the world. You need to take a lot of pictures of this beautiful city, and you will remember this visit all of your life. Have a good journey round the St.louis. 

Irrational yet Common Phobias

Some of the most common phobias a person tends to have are irrational. These phobias are a result of multiple things; sometimes it’s due to genetics, sometimes it’s due to some past experiences that traumatize the person severely. Some of these phobias include:

Mysophobia (The fear of germs): Mysophobia is a rather common phobia that makes the patient fear germs, contamination, infection, etc. It affects the mental and physical well-being of the patient. It is said to be an extension of OCD; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Cynophobia (The fear of dogs): The fear of dogs is a very real phobia that effects human into isolation in some cases. Growling dogs are feared by most but being afraid of all dogs, not taking into account the size of the dog, its state or the situation at that moment are all symptoms of Cynophobia.

Understanding These Fears Better

The fear of germs is severe when the patient cannot stop obsessing over the cleanliness. Its symptom is when a person washes their hand much more than usual and when they shower excessively.

The fear of dogs is severe when the patient doesn’t leave the house at the mere thought of running into a dog. When they feel insecure and panicked about their fear, it’s also when they avoid meeting friend’s that are also dog owners.

Impact of Such Phobias on a Lifestyle

A phobia can change a lifestyle completely. It is usually generic hence with the patient for a longer period of time, in some cases since childhood which makes them ignore all that’s wrong with the life they’re living a life of fear and dread.

1. Impact of Mysophobia on A Lifestyle: Germ phobia has a drastic effect on one’s lifestyle. It makes a person less social, fearful of even humans and inanimate objects due to the fear of germs. People suffering from mysophobia put all their time and energy into staying clean and keeping surroundings clean which makes them go out less.

2. Impact of Cynophobia on A Lifestyle: Dog phobia is a very common phobia that keeps people from living life freely. They have severe anxiety and always worry about running into a dog. In extreme cases, the patient would avoid going out at all because the thought of encountering a dog is just as scary as actually doing so.

Treatments to These Phobias

 There is hardly anything that a human can’t recover from, and phobias are no different. There are some treatments to each of these fears that will help the patient live life a little better.

1. Treatments for Mysophobia: The fear of germs is a part of the OCD, and it has to be treated as soon as possible before the fear consumes the mind of the patient and makes them take extreme measures to prevent germs. Exposure therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and a properly sanitized and clean environment can help reduce this phobia from the patients’ minds.

2. Treatments for Cynophobia: The fear of dogs may sound silly to some, but the impact it has on its patients is major hence why we need treatments for it. Medication may help, flexible term psychotherapy, exposure therapy, etc are effective ways of reducing this fear.

How to Deal With People Suffering from Such Phobia

It is always best to know about a person and what triggers them before starting a conversation. Here are a few pointers to help understand such people and to communicate with them better.

· Never bring up their fears unless under professional supervision.

· Make sure you respect their personal space and more when it comes to mysophobic people.

· NEVER try to treat them by yourself. Facing fears do not work for everybody.

· Be patient with them.

· Never let them feel as if they are ill, that is the worst thing to bring up to an ill person.

It is in the best interest of everybody if we learn to respect everyone’s boundaries and help them overcome their phobias but with professional help. If a person feels anxiety, stress or fear at the thought of something, it’s most likely a phobia.

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