St. Louis a must visit place - The beauty on earth

Hey, it’s holiday time; need to have explored the world. What will be your first step? You need to make a list of interesting places and then choose one of them just like me. I have chosen St. Louis a beautiful destination to satisfy my traveling taste buds. It was an awesome experience to visit a multicultural place. Let’s start our journey of Saint Louis;

A Multi-Cultural City

The beautiful city was founded way back in 1764 by Pierre Laclede, due to the unique location it has attracted many people from the Midwest and east. Nowadays this city is full of people from different cultures and backgrounds; you can see early settlers from Poland, Seatle, Italy, Asia, and all over the subcontinents. Due to its diverse culture, you can see different races, colors, and nationalities in this one region.

 Its cultural diversity gets you to feel comfortable and will not feel alienated, maybe you will find the people from your region, and you can enjoy the company of your fellow. You can buy food items as per your requirement as this city is offering a unique combo of cuisine.

Means of transportation to roam around

To roam around the city there are several options available you can use the Metro rail which was operational since 1993, and you can also use bus services to get easy access to all the popular places. But, I personally recommend a car for your ease of travel. You can also cab for your convenience.

Must Visit Places

There are so many fun spots in St. Louis city, many interesting places for children, adults, and for old people. Anyone that belongs to any age will not be going to be bored; here are some interesting places which you need to be explored during your visit.

The attraction for Horticulture lovers

Missouri Garden

Henry Shaw created this beautiful and amazing attraction in 1860; he was a merchant, but due to his love for plants he founded this garden. If you are a planting lover then you can visit this place which offers you new ways of thinking, new research on pollution control via plantation, endangered species are the major focus of this place. Horticulture lovers can visit and get informed about their fields.

St. Louis Zoo

St.Louis zoo is another attraction for the animal lovers; this zoo has been founded in 1876, but popularize among the community in 1904.This is the first American zoo where animals used to live in a natural manner and apparently it seems that it’s a real animal world. Children will also enjoy the zoo in full mood. They can see animals living directly without any fabrication and artificiality.

Art Museums

The Art museum which is located in Forest Park founded in 19th and Pulitzer Foundation filled with old and modern art media stuff. Art lovers can go there and enjoy the journey of the orthodox method to modern equipment utilization.


Jazz famous in St.Louis from the 19th century, chestnut hill area and the Mill Creek valley are the center of this music.handy’s famous music originated from the chestnut hill area. Now this city is having lots of arts organization

The Gateway Arch

The arch was firstly opened in 1965; now it becomes the most popular national is known as the gateway due to its 630 ft. height and it is also known as the gate of the west. The arch and its related park is the attraction for the visitors.


You will be amazed to see the variety of food; Mexican, Italian and even Afghani cuisine you will found here without many efforts.

This city has many market places where you can get anything due to its diverse population. This city has offered many things to you. Storage units St Louis are more contemporary than the rest of the world. You need to take a lot of pictures of this beautiful city, and you will remember this visit all of your life. Have a good journey round the St.louis. 

Irrational yet Common Phobias

Some of the most common phobias a person tends to have are irrational. These phobias are a result of multiple things; sometimes it’s due to genetics, sometimes it’s due to some past experiences that traumatize the person severely. Some of these phobias include:

Mysophobia (The fear of germs): Mysophobia is a rather common phobia that makes the patient fear germs, contamination, infection, etc. It affects the mental and physical well-being of the patient. It is said to be an extension of OCD; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Cynophobia (The fear of dogs): The fear of dogs is a very real phobia that effects human into isolation in some cases. Growling dogs are feared by most but being afraid of all dogs, not taking into account the size of the dog, its state or the situation at that moment are all symptoms of Cynophobia.

Understanding These Fears Better

The fear of germs is severe when the patient cannot stop obsessing over the cleanliness. Its symptom is when a person washes their hand much more than usual and when they shower excessively.

The fear of dogs is severe when the patient doesn’t leave the house at the mere thought of running into a dog. When they feel insecure and panicked about their fear, it’s also when they avoid meeting friend’s that are also dog owners.

Impact of Such Phobias on a Lifestyle

A phobia can change a lifestyle completely. It is usually generic hence with the patient for a longer period of time, in some cases since childhood which makes them ignore all that’s wrong with the life they’re living a life of fear and dread.

1. Impact of Mysophobia on A Lifestyle: Germ phobia has a drastic effect on one’s lifestyle. It makes a person less social, fearful of even humans and inanimate objects due to the fear of germs. People suffering from mysophobia put all their time and energy into staying clean and keeping surroundings clean which makes them go out less.

2. Impact of Cynophobia on A Lifestyle: Dog phobia is a very common phobia that keeps people from living life freely. They have severe anxiety and always worry about running into a dog. In extreme cases, the patient would avoid going out at all because the thought of encountering a dog is just as scary as actually doing so.

Treatments to These Phobias

 There is hardly anything that a human can’t recover from, and phobias are no different. There are some treatments to each of these fears that will help the patient live life a little better.

1. Treatments for Mysophobia: The fear of germs is a part of the OCD, and it has to be treated as soon as possible before the fear consumes the mind of the patient and makes them take extreme measures to prevent germs. Exposure therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and a properly sanitized and clean environment can help reduce this phobia from the patients’ minds.

2. Treatments for Cynophobia: The fear of dogs may sound silly to some, but the impact it has on its patients is major hence why we need treatments for it. Medication may help, flexible term psychotherapy, exposure therapy, etc are effective ways of reducing this fear.

How to Deal With People Suffering from Such Phobia

It is always best to know about a person and what triggers them before starting a conversation. Here are a few pointers to help understand such people and to communicate with them better.

· Never bring up their fears unless under professional supervision.

· Make sure you respect their personal space and more when it comes to mysophobic people.

· NEVER try to treat them by yourself. Facing fears do not work for everybody.

· Be patient with them.

· Never let them feel as if they are ill, that is the worst thing to bring up to an ill person.

It is in the best interest of everybody if we learn to respect everyone’s boundaries and help them overcome their phobias but with professional help. If a person feels anxiety, stress or fear at the thought of something, it’s most likely a phobia.

Pub Cleaning Tips: Attract More Customers

Do you own a pub? For sure, your customers keep on coming back for a number of reasons – drinks, food, and service. But what about the cleanliness within the area, do they love it? If your business belongs to the bar industry, you need to deal with bar maintenance and organization. Also, you need to exert an effort in finding good bartenders that know precisely how to keep everything organized and clean.

If you can maintain cleanliness in your pub and keep your space organized, you are creating a safe place to socialize and enjoy and generate more profits. Why? Because people are also interested in spending their leisure time and weekends in a safe and clean pub. A clean pub is easy to navigate. This way, your bartenders will become more attentive and efficient each time they will serve the customers. Also, this means that they can provide faster and better service resulting in higher tips.

Furthermore, having an organized pub can help you reduce possible issues since every shift will run smooth. Your bartenders will feel comfortable and happy within the workplace and can lead to improved productivity. Lastly, you will not be surprised in the case of sanitary and health inspections come your way.

You can consider the following pub cleaning tips to ensure that you will be able to improve your pub operations.

Assign A Designated Place for Everything

One of the best ways to remove all the clutter in your pub is by assigning a designated place for everything. There should be a specific spot for garnishes, house and displayed liquors, glasses, bar tools, and more so that you can promote bar organization. When there is particular storage for items at the bar, it becomes easier for the bartenders to find the necessary tools or ingredients. This way, they can save time and the saved time can be used to attend to the customer needs.

Follow a Shift Checklist

With the help of opening and closing checklists, you are confident that your personnel will clean the area after their shift. These checklists will also help them improve their self-discipline and sense of responsibility, while also developing accountability with each other. For example, an opening checklist might include wiping down the liquor bottles, cleaning the bar area, restocking the glasses, counting the bank, and checking the garnishes. Then, the closing checklist might involve refilling of napkin and straw holders, washing and drying the bar mats, washing down the bar area, mopping the floor area, or washing and putting away the glasses.

Consider a Deep Cleaning Schedule

Although you are cleaning the pub every morning before it opens, a weekly deep cleaning is a better way to ensure accurate results. Your pub personnel can dedicate a few hours cleaning the facility, including washing underneath the bar mats and liquor bottles, cleaning the bar sink, or checking the refrigerator whether there are old or expired products. Now that you are more aware of the importance of cleaning your pub, you can expect for better flow of operation once you implement the above pub cleaning tips.

Anatidaephobia - Fear of being watched by a Duck

The word phobia means an extreme kind of abnormal and unreasonable fear of something. People with anatidaephobia are said to believe that wherever they are, they are being watched by a duck every time somewhere around the world. People with this phobia also happens to have extreme panic attacks at a time when the thought of a duck watching them crosses their mind, even OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) which involve disturbing thoughts and images, merely the thought of it can cause anxiety attacks for them. This phobia is one of the rare ones around the world, amongst the many kinds of different phobias.

For people who have anatidaephobia, everyday life can be quite difficult for them as they are always paranoid by a duck which causes extreme anxiety in them and they can’t do anything normal in life. When people with this phobia get incredibly paranoid, they take measures as much as to completely isolate them from the outside world by staying all the time indoors. Sometimes, even staying indoors does not help people to control their anxiety attacks if people have extreme anatidaephobia, which makes day to day routine tasks harder for them.

Suffered people situation:

People with this phobia have anxiety attacks even by the mere thought of a duck watching them if, in a case of a real-life situation of a duck watching them, people with anatidaephobia experience extreme levels of anxiety and can even go into a fight or flight state. When such a thing happens, affected people experience high heartbeat, high breathing, muscle tension as well as perspiration; however, such conditions differ from person to person.


As like people with any other phobia, the main symptom of people with anatidaephobia is anxiety, higher or lower, depending on the level of a phobia. Another symptom of a person having this phobia is staying indoors all the time to avoid any duck watching them, as it is mentioned above. Such people do as such as to keep their curtains all closed all of the days to avoid any duck watching them from anywhere. Which is further a reason why people with this phobia have a hard time living a day to day life.

Anxiety as being the main symptom of a person with anatidaephobia, they may also experience a rush of extreme anxiety when they see a real duck in life. Isolating themselves is another practice a person with anatidaephobia does. These are the common symptoms that should be looked into if they are being checked for anatidaephobia or any kind of another phobia.

Social Life Affect:

People with anatidaephobia also avoid going out to parks and lakes because of the fear of seeing a duck or being watched from them even from afar, which is why they either isolate themselves totally or only go out to certain places and have no social life in general. Such people upon seeing a duck or even thinking of one can experience extreme anxiety, which will be out of control for them to handle. Extreme anxiety due to the irrational fear also causes people to sweat, shake and their muscles to get into a tense situation, which can cause pain in the body. As anxiety level varies from person to person with this phobia, a higher level of anxiety can cause panic attacks for people with higher level of anatidaephobia.


There are no specific treatments that can be performed on individuals with anatidaephobia, or any that has ever worked for that matter. But some treatments may control some of the symptoms about those people who have a phobia at a lower level. Some of the treatments that can be performed on such people cognitive behavioral therapy CBT, medication, and some other treatments. These treatments can control a person’s symptoms, but they don’t entirely help a person get rid of the phobia or the manifestation.

United Health Care Inc

United Healthcare Inc is an American nonprofit healthcare company located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. United healthcare group provides healthcare products and insurance facilities. Due to its highest earning United healthcare is the largest healthcare company in the world. United healthcare group subsidiary companies together work for approx. 115 million individuals.


Insurance plans and products of united health care


United Healthcare provides the best health insurance plans to fulfill the needs of singles or businesses. Moreover, they offered medical, dental, vision and many other insurance plans to help in maintaining you and your family health. Plans which United healthcare offers are Medicare Plans, Small Business Plans, Individual and Family Plans, Dental Plans, Medicaid Plans. It also offers additional Insurance Plans like hospital and doctor insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Supplemental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Accident Insurance, Global Insurance and many more.


Why choose United Healthcare Medicare Supplement


There are several reasons for you to choose United Healthcare Medicare Supplement

  • It helps you to that extra medical costs which are not covered by Medicare Parts A and B.
  • It gives the freedom to choose any doctor or specialization who allow Medicare patients.
  • No reference needed to visit for the check up
  • No need to fill any forms
  • Wherever you travel your plans goes with you.


Is United Healthcare is same as AARP?


AARP Medicare complete plans are covered through United healthcare and can put together all benefits into a straightforward procedure and also add some sessions to help you live a healthier lifestyle. United Healthcare Insurance Company pays a sum of money as a fee to AARP for the use of its academic property. Choosing AARP/UnitedHealth care plans can be the right combination, and they give many benefits to older ones who have health issues.


Benefits of choosing AARP/United healthcare Supplement plans


United Healthcare is providing its services for 30 years; they have the experiences to guide you about your health conditions. They have a variety of plans to help you out. You can choose any plan according to your budget and need. These plans always get positive feedback and are recommended from 9 out of 10 members to there friends or family. These plans are only Medicare Supplement Insurance plans that include AARP name.

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