Alternative Way to Pay For Your Medical Bills

What if you have to go for no medical insurance for a certain time frame? When you decide to do so, you need to be prepared to deal with the consequences of it. As we all know, medical procedures can cost quite a lot of money, and it is one of the detrimental factors that push people to bankruptcy.

When you are not insured, especially when you are not eligible for any government-funded medical assistance such as Medicaid or Medicare plans 2020, you more often will be left vulnerable.

There are a lot of alternatives that can help you pay your medical bill if you are not under any insurance:

  • Choice
  • There are countless hospitals and doctors in the market. Each asks for a certain specific amount of fee. If you are not under any health insurance, it is wise for you to do your own research about the doctors and hospitals in your area. You can always give them a call and then find out the average fee for an appointment.

  • Reduce rates
  • Many doctor’s officers will charge you a lower rate if you do not have insurance, but you need to ask for the discount. For some services, the doctor and hospital may even give you a reduced rate if you pay for it in advance.

  • Pay cash
  • Once you receive a hospital bill, you should immediately call and set up a payment plan. Often the hospital will offer a lower payment amount if you can pay the amount in full immediately. You can do this if you have the money available. Otherwise, you can set up a payment plan.

  • Medications
  • You can save on the amount of fee that you have to pay for your medications by asking a doctor for free samples when he gives you a prescription. They often have a lot of free samples available to give to their patients. Alternatively, you can request for a generic version of medication at the pharmacy and from your doctor, which cost less to fill. You may qualify for help with a prescription assistance program as well.

  • Savings account
  • If you choose to not have any insurance, you can also set aside money each month to cover for your medical expenses. This can help you foot your medical bills when you need it. You can try to save at least $100 a month to cover the costs of doctor’s bills and medications.


    Even tho there are many alternatives to not getting insurance, you might want to reconsider it. Getting one with a high deductible and combining it with a health savings account can help you if you need emergency surgery or became seriously ill at a moment’s notice. You must pay it on yourself until you hit the amount of your deductible however, it can be a better alternative to paying all the medical bills by yourself. 

    Budget Cut, Medicare and Medicaid Dilemma

    The Trump administration has just recently unveiled its third budget proposal on Monday. The 4,7 billion budget proposal has become a nationwide topic since he has proposed slashing $845 billion from medicare, which can leave millions of Americans uninsured.

    How does this impact your health insurance 2020?

    The administration proposed not only to cut medicare but also $1,5 billion in federal funding for Medicaid over ten years. This puts an end to the ACA Medicaid expansion, cutting and blocking granting the whole program and making work documentation requirements mandatory in all states.

    The new proposal that Trump had was to cut programs like Medicaid and Medicare and increase the fund on defense and security spending.

    The proposed budget is summarized underneath:

    • $845 billion cuts to medicare over 10 years, about 10% cut to be achieved through targeting wasteful spending and provider payments and lowering prescription drugs costs.
    • $1,5 trillion in cuts to Medicaid over 10 years, implementing work requirements as well as eliminating the Medicaid expansion under the affordable care act. However, the budget adds $1,2 trillion for marked based health care grant. This means that the states are given liberty in choosing which and how many people who are eligible for a healthcare grant.
    • $25 billion in cuts to social security for over ten years. This includes cuts to disability insurance.
    • $220 billion cuts to the supplemental nutrition assistance program, over ten years. The program currently serves around 45 million people.
    • $21 billion cuts to the temporary assistance for needy families, which serves severely underfunded cash assistance program serving the nation’s poorest.

    The budget proposed the failed graham Cassidy repel and replace bill which was defeated in Congress in 2017. The bill took both the affordable care act marketplace subsidies and the ACA Medicaid expansion and dumped them into a block grant for states that would later separate from a new set of the block grant for the rest of the Medicaid program.

    The net effect of this cut is over ten years. The budget also proposed to repeal Medicaid expansion. The expansion has currently resulted in coverage for 17 million eligible adults. With this being done, it could eliminate Medicaid coverage for these consumers, putting their health and insurance coverage in jeopardy.

    This also has a significant impact on children’s health. Medicaid has served as one of the insurance providers for more than 45 million children. They have helped children with special health care needs, many of whom receive specialized services.

    Not to mention its impact on medicare. There would be a substantial and direct impact on the seniors’ finance. In this case, there would be many people who would rather change and convert to medicare advantage program which is administered by private insurers cooperation.

    For people who have health conditions and are in the cusps of losing their insurance, they could be charged higher premiums by the company because of their health status. Not to mention that they will lose access to the wide network of hospitals once they are ruled out of Medicaid and medicare.

    Factors to consider when hiring a private detective

    With the demand for private detectives being on the rise a lot of people have majored in this line of career and some of them just to make money and don’t care about the quality of work as long as they make good money from it. You have to be very careful when you are hiring one or you might end up regretting your choice.

    Before you hire a private detective Cardiff or whichever city you live in, it will be very wise to do some homework on the same. When you have the right information you can be sure you will not be hiring an incompetent private detective or one who is too expensive for nothing and end up not getting the real value of your money. In this article, we look at some if these factors that you should consider before you hire a private detective.

    • License is a must

    One of the requirements of becoming a private investigator is that one must be licensed by the local authorities. A person might be a good detective but he is not licensed by the local authority and if he is not licensed there must be a reason, maybe he has a bad criminal record and he is just acting to have changed to trick people and then rip them off.

     Another person might just be pretending to be a good private detective while in a real sense he has no qualifications and the license he is using is just some fake papers. That is why it is very important to make sure the license is valid by confirming with the local authorities. If everything checks out, then that’s a good start, if it does not, avoid the guy because he is a scam.

    • Get to know what the private detective is good at

    Well, most private detectives will tell you that they can help you solve any case you might have which is true but they are just human there are is what they like doing the most but they will not tell you. Or even they don’t like it so much, there are those assignments that they have done so much that they have become so good to make any mistakes. Find out that private investigator who has solved many cases like yours and go for him.

    • Set up a budget and agree on terms

    Some private detectives can be very cunning, you will agree that he will be working on an hourly basis and he will take advantage of the situation, work for many days and you end up paying him loads of money that he does not deserve. Be smart pay him on performance not on how many hours he works for you. Set terms that you will pay a certain amount of money if he completes a particular assignment. Also, agree on the additional costs like lodging fee and air ticket that may occur during the investigation and agree on how you are going to pay for them.

    Medicare 2020

    Medicare is national health insurance in the united states. It began in 1996 under the social security administration (SSA) and now administered by the center for medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

    The insurance provides health insurance for Americans aged sixty-five and older, younger people with disabilities as determined by the social security administration. Last year, it was recorded that Medicare provided insurance for over 59,9 million people. On average, it covers half of the healthcare expenses of those who enrolled.

    Medicare is funded by a combination of a payroll tax, beneficiary premiums, and surtaxes from beneficiaries, co-pays and deductibles, and general united states treasury revenue.

    Medicare comes in four parts:

  • Part A covers hospital care
  • Part B covers doctors, medical test, and procedures. This is a basic package that they offer, however, there is a premium program for it.
  • Part C covers for medical advantage: This is one of the alternative options to traditional Medicare coverage. This coverage often includes Part A, Part B, and Part D.
  • Part D is administered by private insurances companies, and it required to be taken unless there is another coverage from another source.
  • However, there will be a change that will give medicare advantage 2020. Starting in 2020, there will be no first-dollar coverage plans available to those who are considered eligible for medicare.

    The three medicare supplement plans considered first-dollar coverage are; plan C, plan F, and high deductible plan F.

    The reason why the first-dollar coverage plans are being discontinued is that some members of congress believe that medicare beneficiaries are over-using healthcare services.

    To keep the system effective, these are some of the steps that you can do to keep your pockets safe if you are eligible for Medicare after 2020;

  • Switching for an alternative to Plan C, which is Plan N. This is considered a cost-sharing plan. You can pay a co-pay up to $20 for doctor visits and up to $50 in the emergency room.
  • Alternative to plan F, which is plan G. This plan will virtually cover all your medical and hospitalization costs, including excess charges. Plan G is one of the most popular plans because it offers great advantages with a cost that is less than plan F.
  • Aside from eliminating three plans, medicare is also planning to introduce another plan; High deductible plan G. It will more likely to have the same deductible amount with the high deductible plan F. However, the HDG policy requires the beneficiary to pay the part B deductible, which cost $185 annually. Although the benefit of the policy is not yet available, it is expected that the deductibles need to be met before coverage begins.

    If you are eligible for the plan, you are still able to choose plan C, plan F and high deductible plan F. You are also allowed to upgrade to high deductible plan G.

    The plan of eligibility for Medicare is going to be lowered as well to cover a much higher number of senior citizen that has not yet reached sixty-five. 

    Everything you need to know in one place about Medicare advantage plans and why you should choose it

    First for let’s have a little bit of introduction on what this exactly is. Remember this is more of an introductory content rather than informative. This is because before getting into all the informative and statistical staff regarding the financial factors you need to know what this exactly is and why do you need it and why that it is being recommended to you so that you can be benefited.

    Have the proper information on this sector

    To be a little more educational this term Medicare advantage is rather also likely to be known as Medicare part c by which it is made possible for people with Medicare part a which is basically the hospital insurance and also with part b which is the medical insurance to receive their medical benefits in such a manner that it works as an alternative way. This type of plans is usually offered by the companies which are operated by private authorities that are contracted with Medicare and provide mostly securing at least a basic amount or a basic level of coverage that is usually given by Medicare part a and part b.

    Why you should consider Medicare advantage plans?

    Ok now first of all if you to get into an advantage plan then you may continue to pay your part b premium and also along with pay and additional premium. This basically determines the Medicare advantage plans total rate which can more likely vary from one Medicare Advantage plan to another Medicare Advantage plan that is existing in the current market. along with another beneficiary side is that a medical advantage plan of such type also helps limiting your maximum out of pocket expense so that once you have done spending that maximum amount you would have to pay nothing for covered medical services for the remainder of the year and this is quite helpful for your current financial state and also maintaining the proper credit balance of your total financial account.

    What actually is Medicare Advantage Plans?

    Medicare Advantage Plans are basically known as part c or even m plans which are offered by many private companies that are approved by Medicare. and basically, if you join a Medicare advantage plan program it is more likely that the plan would rather provide all of your Medicare part a and also along with the part b coverage. Most of the Medicare advantage plans of extra coverage somewhat like for problems regarding your eyes or even your ears or even any dental issues. This is already be proved to be beneficiary towards the current users of the insurance market as a medical prescription also covers the drug part. While having all the features inside it also there is another thing in addition to the part b premium version and that is that the user or another word if you are using it then you usually have to pay a monthly amount of premium for the total advantage plan and you get to choose your own plan that suits you the most with your cost.

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