Catamaran Charters in Sardinia

Envision faultless sugar-white seashores, glasslike turquoise waters, emerald vegetation shrouding amazing regular scenes dispersed with enchanting noteworthy urban areas… this is Sardinia. A Catamaran with skipper in Sardinia in this dazzling shelter of Italy will mean a route through superb landscape, with exercises and attractions to fulfill each taste. Finished off with mouth-watering cooking, Sardinia genuinely is a brilliant objective to lease a boat for a mid-year occasion! With 4 significant air terminals on each side of the island, it couldn’t be simpler to arrive at your sailboat contract base, so book now and prepare to voyage the waters of the Costa Smeralda and the Maddalena islands, or the untainted south. 

Best places to visit on your trip to Sardinia: 


A city situated on the north-east bank of Sardinia, Olbia is a wonderful city with a beguiling memorable focus. The Costa Smeralda offers unlimited freedoms for the seashore, sunbathing, strolling, hitting the fairway, and considerably more during your sailboat contract! Whatsmore, the dazzling La Maddalena archipelago is situated about 50km from the city, simply off the north bank of the territory, and makes for a shocking route objective. Field your sailboat and head coastal to visit the San Simplicio basilica, the Museo Archeologico di Olbia, or essentially absorb the city’s environment people watching with a latte close by in one of the many captivating bistros in the focal Piazza Matteotti. Close by seashores incorporate Spiaggia Pittulongu (a mainstream spot for windsurfing) and Spiaggia di Porto Istana (home to clear, turquoise waters and delicate sands). To get complete information For catamaran charters in Sardinia click here.


The capital of the island of Sardinia, Cagliari is a city established in its old past. Established in the Neotholic age, the city actually has many remaining parts, making it an extraordinary objective for history devotees. Just as the interesting legacy, Cagliari has numerous different attractions worth visiting during your sailboat contract, for example, the Cattedrale di Santa Maria, which was underlying the thirteenth century initially with a gothic plan, however now bears more elaborate impacts. When you moor your sailboat, just stroll around this enchanting city; down the palm-lined avenues, appreciate neighborhood rarities in the numerous palazzi… For incredible perspectives, head up to Bastione di Saint Remy; a neoclassical structure that houses a display, with an all-encompassing patio giving lovely perspectives on the city’s roofs down beneath, and the mountains somewhere far off. 

Best of Sardinia’s Beaches 

Sardinia is Europe’s pearl with regard to seashores. Equaling those of the Caribbean, a sailboat sanction here will furnish you with the most lovely waters and superb sands that Italy has to bring to the table. Head to Chia seashore, a top choice with families, where brilliant sand and shallow blue waters make an ideal setting, finished off with meandering flamingos in the tidal pond behind the seashore! In the event that you want those postcard-commendable, floury-white sands and greenish-blue waters; look no further than Spiaggia della Pelosa. Here you can likewise windsurf, or bring a climb into the public park and recognize the renowned Albino jackasses touching in the hedges. 

Route Options

The climate in Sardinia is radiant in the mid-year months! From May to October winds are really solid and don’t surpass 25 bunches (however watch out for estimates of the more grounded Mistral winds). Under the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, you will appreciate temperatures in their late 20s-30s during your sailboat sanction, and numerous long periods of daylight every day as you journey through the sapphire waters around the island, with a glass of tasty Italian wine close by!

5 toys that can spice up your lockdown life

You might be thinking that the sex toy boom that happened over the past 12 months was driven only by single people whose sex lives have been significantly compromised by a global pandemic. But couples as well have been intrigued by the concept of adding some props to their satisfaction, being forced to spend most of their time with the significant other, so they have taken to toys to spice things up in the bedroom. That has meant huge sales spikes in everything from penis rings and remote-controlled massagers to BDSM kits, magazines, games, and outfits. If you not entirely sure what your sex life is missing, take a look at our list.

What are the best sex toys for couples?

There is a huge range of sex toys, so it is really about what you are personally interested in experiencing. Many couples are often can be looking at a sex toy website together, considering their options, and talking about which ones they think they would like to try and which would not. The reality is that, whichever toys you are trying, communication with your partner is going to be key. Sometimes adding a simple vibrator into your routine play can add a certain element to massage and such toys can be used to tease all around the body. There are tons of toys with remote controls, for both men and women, and they can add to the prospect of putting your loved one in charge of your pleasure.

The Fireman

A very important thing that not everybody knows about is that 4 out of 5 women reach orgasm via clitoral stimulation, and not penetrative sex. So let that be all the needed reassurance, and all the sex education you need, that your clitoris should not actually be left alone, but rather become a significant part of your sex life. The Fireman is a very interesting toy, named after its flame-like appearance and, perhaps, an ability to fire up your burning loins. It is one such sex toy that can make certain your clitoris gets its rightful attention, as it has a rounded protruding nub of a nose for providing optimal clitoral stimulation, a very discreet shape, and 4 speeds along with 2 pulsation modes, so your wild furnace will be in good hands here.

F1s Developers Kit

If you are a man, and statistics and apps is what get you going, then consider trying this high-performance sex-tech device. It combines powerfully intense dual motors, the innovative and patented Cruise Control setting and Lelo’s incredible SenSonic technology, that will massage your penis with deeply satisfying sonic waves. And it also comes with a small window, so you can watch all this action as it happens. It is basically this season’s incomparable diamond, and that’s not all yet. If you will use the free SDK that comes with the device, you will be able to personalize your pleasure through a bunch of customizable internal sensors. What can be better than having pleasure at your fingertips along with a little peephole to boot?

Holy Trainer chastity device

In case you find yourself being into the caged lifestyle, then perhaps it is time to take your chastity game up to a whole new level by wearing the Holy Trainer chastity device, one of the most popular in the world. With its ergonomic design and lightweight materials you’ll forget you’re wearing it until a little teasing swiftly brings you back to reality.

This innovative device seems like it came straight out of sci-fi erotica. With its low profile design this kit will sit comfortably and discreetly under your day wear, but with most people hibernating indoors for the foreseeable future that won’t be of any concern for a while. Still, that means there’s plenty of days locked up for you and many hours of fun for your keyholder as she teases you mercilessly. Throw in a pair of high heels and a whip and you’ll have yourself an evening to remember!

You won’t have to worry about comfort, as this device comes in five sizes for you to choose which one fits you best. It is made out of high-quality plastic and finished to the highest standards. It also features a pee hole, so there won’t be any excuse for you to take it off. Just don’t forget where you hide the key as the integrated locking system won’t pop open with the snap of your fingers.

Womanizer Premium Smart Silence Clitoral Stimulator

With its mind-boggling Pleasure Air Technology (also known as unreal sucking action) and twelve intensity settings starting from soft gentle purr and going all the way up to a butt-clenching roar, the Premium Womanizer stimulator will make even the most notable orgasm you have ever had felt like a pathetic exhalation by comparison, just like the short-lived blow of air in an eye check-up.

Dream Wand Rechargeable Mini

Even though they say magic is not real, we wager that it is and it lives in this wish-granting baton. This wand is a pretty small but mighty bedside companion that has four levels of intensity, which is a tier system that you will be only too happy to climb. And with seven settings as well as a battery life that will have no problem working far away from the outlet, it is a great all-rounder.

Time to put your money where your fun bits are

Sex and orgasms have well-known and proven stress-busting effects and also have the ability to lead to a healthier immune system, something that is very important in a modern climate. And whether you are doing this on your own, while socially distancing, or experimenting with your partner, this list will definitely have the toy just for you!

You are better to get experience only with sex toys, which are made from special body-safe materials and are designed professionally for sexual play, instead of trying to use something that you have found at home. You can also try specifically designed candles for massage, which will be a great introduction to temperature sex play.

Best 5 ways to hide your chastity cage key safely

Choosing the perfect lock for your chastity cage can be a quite hard task on its own, but finding the way to store the key is also very important. If you want your chastity key to be stored securely, you will have to decide on the very best solution. And with so many options to choose from, it’s not that easy. Each option to store your key has a number of pros and cons.

In this guide, we will examine different types of storage and help you make the best decision, so you could find the one that fits you flawlessly. 

Thank you so much to Mistress K from the House of Denial website for collaborating on this article and helping me come up with the ideas below.

  • A box with a timer

No matter how hard you would beg and plead, this clever lock won’t budge as it has a set release time that ensures you will not get out early. While the majority of locks rely on human whims, a digital locking device with a timer has full control of your key. You will revel in a complete lack of power, whether you are serving the punishment by your dom or engaging in escape-proof self-chastity. You will be left to stare at the timer, and building anticipation as well as arousal with each passing minute. When the timer will eventually run down, a tone will sound and signal your release. You will have to make sure the lock is charged to its full capacity and structurally sound before you secure it, and once it is on, there will be no escape!

The timed lockboxes are usually autonomous and USB rechargeable, with a maximum time of four to ten days. The issue with this approach is that the timer only can be set to a very limited amount of time, which might become less and less of a challenge for you over time. You will have the option to reset it every time it runs down, but to have that short window of opportunity to take the keys out will throw some of the excitement away and your temptation to unlock could be too great to resist, even though deep down you will want to go longer.

  • A block of ice

You can try hanging your key in the middle of a big soda bottle filled with water and freeze it. For added security, you may also stuff the inside of the bottle with a piece of tin foil to eliminate the appeal to put it in the microwave in order to get the key faster. For a more hardcore approach, you can wrap the keys in cling film and then fill the bottle with expanding foam, plaster, cement, or epoxy resin, in order from easiest to most difficult to get the key out. And be careful to not break your key when getting it out of the bottle. The idea of placing the key in the ice is just to delay you long enough until the impulse to unlock and masturbate would go away. It is a good short-term solution, but you will need to have a certain amount of self-control since it is quite easy to get the key out. Just a few minutes under the hot water and you’re out of your cage.

  • The chastity key safe with a padlock or a combination lock

The chastity key safe provides a practical place to store your emergency key, it looks good and it will be able to add an entirely new dimension to your chastity experience. If you’d take a look at the security world in general, you will see that padlocks are pretty much the norm. But having a padlock that uses a key on a safe that contains another key looks a bit redundant, so it would make more sense to choose a model with a combination lock. These safes are a nice piece of hardware but they are more suited to store your emergency key and not the main one.

  • Giving it to a friend or a neighbor

One of the most important things in chastity is to find a secure key holder. This can be your close friend or just a neighbor. If you will decide to give it to a friend you will probably have to explain the situation, so it has to be a close and open-minded person. With a neighbor, it is a bit more simple as you can just say that it is a spare key to your home or something like that. You will only be able to get out of your chastity device when this person is available and can give you the key, so often it will be completely out of your hands. The benefit of this approach is that the key will be outside of your house and you will not be tempted to cheat and get free by breaking into the storage device. But if there is an emergency, it will be very complicated to get the key fast enough.

  • Keeping it with your other keys or on a necklace

In case you possess enough restraint and self-control you can simply wear your chastity key out in the open, without any means of protecting it from yourself. A lot of people are doing just so as it is the easiest way, and it will be unlikely for you to lose it. But having the opportunity to open your cage anytime you want takes away a lot of excitement out of the overall chastity experience, so it will not suit everyone.


Now that you know all the options and have all the facts straight, let’s draw a conclusion about the objective qualities of these different types of storage. In the essence, everything really depends on what you require and what you try to achieve. Once you’ve got your priorities straight you can choose your perfect storage. Such options as having a key on a necklace or keeping it in a block of ice in your fridge are most simple but won’t give you enough security and you will have to rely on your own strength of will. The other options are more secure but can be dangerous in case of an emergency, as they will not let you get the key too easily. So choose carefully, think all things through before making a decision, and you are bound to make the best choice.

Chastity Belt - The Solution To Stop Your Cheating Spouse

It doesn’t feel good to be cheated on and it’s always going to hurt when someone you love and trust violates the vows and promises he made on your wedding day. It can feel like your heart is shattered and all you want to do is run, which is why most marriages fall apart right after the unveiling of an affair. But when you see him plead for forgiveness, you start to sense a touch of sympathy. You might get an impulse to give him another chance, even though deep down you feel that you probably shouldn’t. You are still in love with him but he has hurt you and can’t be able to just get away without any consequences. In that case, you can take him back but with a condition to be punished by wearing a chastity belt.

Sexual restraint

The chastity belt totally lives up to its name. By wearing it, you get effectively prevented from having an erection, let alone any kind of sexual intercourse. If you would force your husband to wear it, it will serve as a subtle hint that if he is unable to control his urges, you will do it for him. It is a tool designed to help people resist their sexual desire and remain abstinent, so the chastity belt is definitely going to make your husband feel some sexual frustration. He will have no means to ease himself of his urges and this is a good thing since it can help him develop needed self-control and discipline in order not to cheat on you again in the future.

What if he is afraid or doesn’t want to get into chastity?

First of all, you should definitely get him to read blogs written by other men in chastity, and thankfully there are so many of those to choose from. The idea itself of getting into chastity can be scary for a lot of men, and it to show him the thoughts and views of another man in chastity can really help.

Ask him what exactly scares him in chastity and don’t believe him if he tells you he’s not scared. The idea of taking their favorite, most cherished, and prized part of the body away is terrifying. He will be afraid that by giving you that kind of power over him he won’t be a “real man” anymore. He will be afraid of his friends or anyone else finding out. So make sure to figure out what he is afraid of, and be gentle, but persistent. You will have to be very tactful and carefully regulate your emotions since he won’t talk to you about those things easily. And you will need to be exceedingly reassuring without sounding condescending. This conversation will have to be about him and not about you since he needs to know that his emotions and concerns are a main priority for you.

Learning from mistakes

Our minds have an enormous capacity to learn from past mistakes, and pain from blunders produces the memory of what not to do. Using punishment to discourage bad behavior is not a new idea, and has been used to train animals from ancient times. So if your husband cheated on you and behaved like a dog, he needs to be taught a lesson just like a dog and had the dearest part of his anatomy bound and chained. The chastity belt will help you give a lesson to your husband through the negative emotions that it will make him feel. Our emotions are what truly motivates us, so being in the chastity belt will motivate him to become a better person, and avoid infidelity in the future, as your husband will experience all kinds of emotions during that time.

A feeling of shame

The first strong emotion that your husband will experience is shame. He will be ashamed of himself for having deceived you. He will feel shame that he even considered cheating on you, and the metal device around his private parts is not going to let him forget the things he’s done. He is going to feel its weight every time he moves, with the metal making contact with his skin occasionally, feeling cold to the touch. Wherever he goes, he feels trapped, and can’t take it off, not even for a little bit. Even the sex drive will become a punishment for him, as every single urge and impulse is going to remind him of the infidelity and further adding to the feeling of self-loathing. And the complete inability to have sex presents needed time to think about regrets and the ways to improve in the future.

This approach is not for everyone

Before you decide to try rebuilding the marriage that might be actually broken beyond repair, think if it is worth your time. Your husband might be unable to be changed anymore and he will keep being the same cheater that he is now. In that case, you would probably be better off leaving things as they are and moving forward. If you still decide that you want to continue trying, then keep in mind that however much effort you put in, there will be no guarantee he can change his ways.


While the majority of marriages end because of the husband’s infidelity, it doesn’t have to be like that in your case. If your husband is willing to endure a bit of punishment to atone for his unfaithfulness and make amends, he can gradually earn back the trust of his wife.

While those cases aren’t exactly common, they have happened before, and a lot of couples noticed that their relationship became stronger after the problem of infidelity and they have recovered. But even if this is an option, leaving someone for infidelity is still justified, and you should think about giving your unfaithful partner a second chance only if he is truly remorseful. Your trust is not something that is easy to buy and losing it should have certain consequences.

The Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports massage is very beneficial, especially for athletes. Sports massage can be received before-performance, after-performance, while training, or for rehabilitation. From beginners to professional athletes, it is a common choice. On this page, we will see what it is used for and what are the befits of doing sports massage. 

Understanding Sports Massage

Sports massage is a manual manipulation of tissues of the body focusing on a specific muscle in context to a particular sport. Runner Paavo Nurmi is also known as the “Flying Finn,” was one of the early receivers of sports massage. Nurmi received sports massage during the 1924 Olympics in Paris where he proudly won five gold medals. Jack Meagher, is called the father of sports massage in the United States of America.

Many different methods and movements are used in sports massage. For example, Swedish style massage, stroking, kneading, friction, compression, rhythmic striking, gliding, vibration, stretching, percussion, and trigger points. These methods and movements help an athlete perform to his or her maximum capacity and also help in physical conditioning with reduced chances of injuries or pain and a quicker recovery.

Benefits of Sports Massage

Based on experiences and scientific observations, there are so many benefits of receiving a sports massage. Some of them are targeting to benefit the mind and some benefit body.

Some of the experienced and observed benefits of sports massage are 

  • Increased range of motion (ROM)
  • The flexibility of the body and muscle increases
  • Increased sense of good health and well-being
  • Decreased muscle fatigue 
  • Increased nerve relaxation
  • Decreased muscle spasms
  • Quality sleep

Other benefits of a sports massage but not supported by research include:

  • Massage opens up pores and increases the flow of blood 
  • Increases ejection of exercise waste products 
  • Reduces chances of injury
  • Reduces recovery time 

If you want to learn more about Secret Tantric, click on the link and schedule your appointment. 

Side Effects of sports massage. There are no serious side effects of sports massage. Some athletes complained about tenderness and stiffness for just 1 to 2 days after beginning the sports massage. A skin reaction can be another side effect that can occur due to massage oil. But for most athletes, sports massage is safe.

According to researchers who study the effect of sports massage on fatigue and recovery, athletes reported less fatigued and felt better recovery or faster recovery from illness after sports massage. Reduced anxiety, stress-level, improved mood, better sleep, and increased feelings of well-being were some of the benefits reported by them. According to a large number of studies, sports massage reduces Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Look for the nearest massage bond street to experience various benefits of sports massage. 

Some benefits of sports massage are not supported by research like the tendency of sports massage to help the muscles eliminate lactic acid is not supported by any study. Many scientists believe that this is linked to the fact that sports massage does not help to increase the flow of blood to muscles. For example, a study conducted in 2010 found that the blood flow was mechanically regulated by massage and that was a possible reason that resulted in the elimination of lactic acid from the body. Quicker recovery from illness after sports massage is not supported by any of the studies. 

It looks like the positive mental (psychological) benefits of sports massage are backed by studies. 

The study also states that sports massage does not harm performance, but the positive benefits on performance are still not clear. 

Sports massage is highly recommended for athletes, even though some of its benefits are not backed by any research or study. 

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