Generational Approaches to Online Learning

If you have spent any time on social media in recent years, you’ll be aware of an inter-generational culture war. Millennials and Baby Boomers appear to be eternally crossing swords, each decrying the values of the other.

On the face of it, these disagreements revolve around property prices, workplace attitudes and the benefits of avocado on toast. In reality, the core differences appear to run deeper. UK learning platform FutureLearn, in partnership with YouGov, have produced a global survey of adults in the UK, US and Australia, aiming to examine generational approaches to learning, public perception of online learning and establish both the history, and future, of education.

47% of surveyed millennials – and 50% of Generation Z, aka zoomers – believe that education has the power to change the world, save the planet and resolve human rights crises throughout the globe. Older participants expressed significantly greater cynicism, with just 32% expressing similar faith.

It appears that the onset of the internet is responsible for this chasm in beliefs. Younger generations firmly believe in the power of education through technology. Some 30% of millennials and zoomers expressed an interest in education through social media platforms, with one in five declaring such insights just as valuable as knowledge obtained from a formal classroom setting. This desire plummeted to below 20% in older generations.

On the face of it, this is wholly understandable. For the baby boomer generation, the internet did not enter their lives until deep into adulthood. By this point, a formal education would have long been completed – and, perhaps more pertinently, beliefs and attitudes have grown ingrained.

Unlike the under 40s of today, older generations were forced to rely upon mainstream media outlets, such as daily newspapers or broadcast reports, to gain insights into the environment and societal issues. Millennials and zoomers have been born into an IT-literate world and have long trusted data provided on peer-to-peer platforms such as Twitter.

For example, a mere 6% of baby boomers have ever investigated social media for data on the environmental crisis, and 4% of the older generation study topics of social injustice online. By the time we reach Generation Z, these numbers soar to 24% and 37% respectively.

Zoomers are also the hungriest for new knowledge. Just 8% of respondents from this generation claimed that there were no subjects they felt a desire to learn more about. 12% of millennials made the same claim. 32% of older respondents, meanwhile, expressed that they knew all they need to learn and have no interest in any form of further education.

It was interesting to learn what subjects captured the imagination of these younger participants, too. 41% expressed a desire to further their knowledge of personal financial management. Mental health posted a similar result, potentially linked to the barrage of information that younger generations are exposed to daily.

So, in summary, what does this tell us about the changing attitudes toward education between disparate generations? Ultimately, it appears that younger responders are keen to use education as a launchpad for an entrepreneurial spirit. 43% of millennials expressed interest in setting up a business within a decade, while this desire was matched by 39% of zoomers. These statistics plummeted to 19% in older correspondents.

Naturally, logistics may play a part here. Older responders are likelier to be financially comfortable in a salaried role and will have one eye on retirement. Education at such a stage of life could be seen as an unnecessary distraction. Many younger respondents claimed that they would be interested in an online course to improve their education and skills to make this possible, though.

Overall, the survey cements what we have long suspected. The distrust that older generations have in modern-day education surrounding the internet is almost in direct inverse to that of younger respondents. For those that have grown up in a digital world, the online realm is seen as an extension of education garnered in the classroom. For older adults, the internet and the education sector are entirely separate entities – and never the twain shall meet.

5 Easy Ways to Remove The Image Background for Free

Are you looking for a background remover to remove the image background for free? If yes, you are here at the right place. We received this question so many times from our readers then we couldn’t resist finding the most popular tools. If you want to remove background from your colorful image and want to get a transparent background, below is the list of highly-recommended tools. 

WoFox Background Remover

WoFox is a very simple and easy-to-use background removal tool. To use this tool, you need to upload or drag a photo that you want to remove the background from. Users feel great when they use this tool because of its simplicity of operation. The results are speechless. 

If you want to customize and make some portions transparent in your image, WoFox is a perfect tool for you. However, if you want to remove the complete background, this tool may not be the perfect one. Many background removal tools use red and green brushes to mark the foreground and background area with red and green. In this tool, only areas highlighted in the red line become transparent, while the rest of the background remains the same. WoFox may be a nice tool but developers need to continue updating it to remove the entire background from the image. 

SocialBook Background Remover

The next tool we recommend is SocialBook Background Remover. This web-based tool doesn’t ask you to download the tool and waste time doing the setup. a social book is quite easy to use.

Honestly, when you use this tool, you will feel like you have never used any tool so simple and quick before. You just have to upload your image or enter the URL. Press the click button and your image with a transparent background will be ready for use. Before removing the background, the system asks you to enter a human-verification code. Spending a few seconds on verification is worth getting the result of the excellent quality for free.

The social book Background Remover uses artificial intelligence that enables accurate selection. You don’t need to make a manual selection of the object that you want to keep and the object that you want to remove or mark anything with red and green brushes like in a previous tool. All you need is to click a button to remove the image background. 

Wondershare PixCut 

Wondershare PixCut is one of the trending background remover tools that has managed to surprise many on how easy it is to get a transparent background. You upload your image, click the button, and the AI-driven tool will start processing to give results in 5-7 seconds. 

Unlike other background removers, you don’t need to take the pain of checking instructions to remove the background. It is simple and easy to use. A significant advantage of this tool is the accuracy of selection. Like SocialBook, it uses AI technology too that allows you to crop out the most complicated objects from your image. 


PicsArt is a free background remover tool. To use this tool, enter its website, enter the tool, upload your image, and click a button. Background removal using this take takes around 5-7 seconds. This tool also uses AI technology that allows making a quite precise selection.

The only drawback of using this tool is that it blurs the silhouette of the object. 

AirMore Background Eraser

AirMore is a free AI-driven background eraser. Once you enter the site, you will see three options: To recognize people only, to recognize products, animals, cars, texts, graphics, etc, and to recognize stamps. This selection tool is accurate. You can pick this tool to tackle many challenges. 


We discussed free background removers, and here is what we believe. Wondershare is one of the best tools. We recommend this tool because it uses a highly-intelligent Artificial Intelligence technique that helps the tool to make a perfect selection. 

There are so many times when you want to remove the background without using Photoshop. You may want a product photo for an eCommerce site, a team photo for the About us page of your company’s website, or upload a picture to your resume. Using the right tool, all these things become easy. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you.

Magical Amulets And Talismans Meanings Explained

They have a defensive feature, but it makes no difference whether or not others see them. They can be worn under clothes or over clothes to make them unnoticeable. Pendants, earrings, rings, and threads are all examples. The red thread, by the way, is also an amulet.

Magical Talismans Charms & Amulets, Celtic, astrologically based, pagan, gypsy, and so on. They all have the same role - to protect the owner - but there are some variations, such as:

  • knowledge coding
  • a substance
  • the shape

Magic amulets, of course, have certain properties and abilities. And each of those has its own range of traits.

If met with such undesirable phenomena as the evil eye, negative, or evil, it is possible to be safe. The amulet isn’t necessarily something put on the body or bring around. It’s often used to safeguard a home, vehicle, or other valuables. The amulet can be held on the front porch, in the kitchen, or in the car. Embroidery on clothing, by the way, can have a regulatory mechanism. 

What is the right way to wear a talisman? 

Personal jewels that have little to do with the home, vehicle, or any other property are typically worn in prominent locations. The amulet has historically been worn as part of one’s jewellery. We’re talking about weaving, ties, and other accessories. Originally, the amulet was worn near the body’s most essential and weak points. The region around the face, chest, waist and below the waist, and wrist was thought to be especially significant in major symptoms. Furthermore, the amulet was worn on the back, specifically on the back. This item, which was thrown in the back, was thought to protect against words or the evil eye. This protective role is no longer essential in today’s world.

Which was stowed away in the trunk This defensive function is now fulfilled by an emblem or a keychain attached to a backpack in the modern world.

Magic amulets, talismans, and charms may be both items (i.e., things made by a person) and natural objects. Minerals, stones, canines, feathers, plant branches, and so on are examples of the above. 

Amulets for success and happiness

The Coin of Happiness

 is a riches amulet from Korea. Its owner would have to learn the meanings of unfathomable luck and profit. Anyone who wears a happiness coin will be good in everything they do. It all comes down to the energy flow that causes this sign to appear. A coin attracts prosperity, good fortune, and money. One can find both financial well-being and good luck if purchase a magical amulet and wear it on a daily basis.

The wheel of fortune 

is a potent amulet for gathering riches. It’s used to raise wealth in a limited period of time. The amulet can be a lifesaver for an avid player who fails to stop on time. The owners are required to say when it is time to quit because of him. Even in the most difficult circumstances, the wheel of fortune will help make a profit.

Is it possible to wear the enchanted amulets of others?

Is it acceptable to wear the amulets of others? This is a concern that many people have. Magic amulets are, of course, deemed personal and even private. These magical items have a special relationship with their master and may not be pleased with his transition. It is thought that purchasing an amulet for oneself is advantageous, whereas giving one to somebody else is extremely unfavorable. 

However, if we’re talking about jewelry that is passed down through the centuries, such an amulet is extremely powerful. Even if it’s a simple antique brooch that grandmother adored, this is the most important amulet.

The Best Base for Visiting Sicily & Other Travel Tips

Sicily is known for its unique and rich natural history with natural wonders and man-made structures that are scattered to the different parts of the Island. Therefore, if you are planning to visit Sicily during the upcoming vacation season, it is important to be careful in making a selection for the best place.  

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean region with an estimated area of 10,698 square miles. Millions of visitors come to explore this island every year with an attraction of active volcanoes and golden beaches. 

How to travel around Sicily?

Those who are planning to visit Sicily for the first time might be a little worried about how to move around different destinations. Although you can find cheap flights from most of European cities, it is important to be more careful about traveling around in the city. There are plenty of options such as a ferry, bus or taxi between different destinations of Italy. You can move around the city if you charter luxury yacht with crew in Sicily. The tour guides can also help you find out the best beaches, food restaurants, and cultural events to have fun with your loved ones. 

In case if you are interested to move around the entire Island while covering multiple locations during one visit, it is better to hire a car. They can help you visit easily between different far destinations with little or no planning as well. Furthermore, a vacation in Sicily by boat can be more memorable as the Island is surrounded by sea from all directions. Some tourists prefer using the ferry as it runs from the Sicilian port of Messina to the Villa San Giovani. While traveling around the Island, you will also find several Carriages that transport foot passengers and cars as well between different parts of the sea. 

Sicily is a famous Island that is connected to all main centers for easy travel solutions. You will find a well-maintained motorway network with a great public transport system in the city. Furthermore, buses also tend to be more frequent as compared to trains and they can help you visit different parts of the Island without wasting much time. 

The two main train lines out of which one runs between Messina and Syracuse and the other between Messina and Palermo. The services between these two routes are quite frequent and fast. On the other side, the bus network is quite extensive with the main hubs located at Palermo and Catania. You can check the bus timetables and schedules along with the fair online. 

Those who are visiting Sicily for the first time might be also interested to find some of the most budget-friendly and easily approachable hotels. Well, you can check the best options online and compare the prices in advance. If you are looking for beach exposure, it is good to book hotels close to the beach area to avoid travel expenses. Plan your tour carefully with prior analysis regarding all travel destinations so that you can ensure complete comfort during vacations.  

Activity Ideas for Seniors & the Elderly

Getting retired and crossing the age group of 60 doesn’t mean that you will lose all the happiness in your life. Instead, it can be a beginning to enhance the quality of life with some trusted and proven tactics. 

Assisted living is no longer about spending all your time on a rocking chair, playing bingo, or watching TV. Today’s seniors demand some thrill and adventure in life. The great news is that modern age technologies and opportunities can bring you more engagement with ease. 

There are myriad activities that seniors can adopt to boost their mental and physical health. These recreational activities can minimize depression levels, maintain motor skills, establish a great sense of impudence and ownership, promoting emotional connection with the world around you. 

Some of you might be interested to know the best activity ideas for seniors and the elderly. Below we have listed a few of them to help you make a reliable decision for your healthy routines:

Join group exercise classes

There are so many types of group exercise classes including tai chi, yoga, and Feldenkrais, etc that can help you improve overall balance and flexibility level. These activities can be really useful for older adults as they can help to prevent falls. Many communities also offer water aerobics programs, chair exercise classes, and some gaming activities. You can choose any one of these depending upon your current health status. However, if you don’t find an exercise club in your community, you can set up a schedule with your older friends in the nearby park. Such group classes are equally beneficial for your mental and emotional health as well. 

Crafting and painting

Those who have an artistic spirit can join crafting sessions with some like-minded older adults. Invite your friends from the same age group to paint the canvas with acrylics or watercolors. Some of you may even like to sketch using markers, pencils, crayons, or chalk. On the other side, some ladies may love to knit some basic or complex patterns, make pottery, and create jewelry. You can further establish a connection with a club that can help you to display your artwork in some art galleries. 

Indoor fun activities

For many senior citizens, it is challenging to move out of the home to enjoy recreational or physical activities. For them, indoor games and activities can be a good idea. Some of you may love to read and write books. It is also good to create your own stories, rhymes, or autobiographies. Writing can help you to improve your memory and creativity levels as well. Other than this, you can also play some indoor games and it is much easier with the internet. One of the best recommendations from experts is Spider Solitaire as this game can boost the overall mental level and thinking capacity of the individual. 

Other than this, senior citizens can enjoy gardening, cooking, baking, music, or dance to boost the overall quality of life. 

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