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Many things are happening in Greece, both minor and major, but according to top news from Greece, even minor can be major if light is shed on them. Greece is a European nations with a lot of believes, myths and history, ooh! Don’t forget their culture. Did you know that Greeks do not like it when you show off your skin? If you are from Los Vegas, please go shopping before you embark on a journey to Greece. Now, with all the news that have been trending for some few hours ago, it is good to draw some useful information in order to know how we can support or suppress them if they are good or bad.

Historical baths at the long lost city of Tenea

With all the history linked to Greece, top news from Greece must talk about this. It is good work archaeologist are doing, and we should actually support them as a nation. But how do we do that? Finances may not be a problem, but we can offer them our little support like taking it to the media to let the world know of new findings. Discoveries being made by archaeologists are contributing to enriching the history of the Greek people, and by taking it out there, we are contributing to the growth of the tourism sector. Somebody would like to know about somewhere before thinking about going there. Feeding potential tourists with enough information will be of great help.

Sofia Kouvelaki getting awarded

Because of a mere act of compassion, Sofia has received a great award from child 10. Could this be a contributing factor to rumors that Greeks offer the best hospitality services? Charity might cost you very little of not expense at all and it is possible to gain a lot from the simple act. Even though Sofia is the CEO of The HOME Project Greece, if she was not compassionate she couldn’t be able to render the services to the unprivileged children, nor could she be able to receive this recognition. Charity begins at home.

Increase revenue from tourists

The fact that revenue from tourism sector has increased by 13.6% between January and August it means that Greece and the people of Greece are rendering good services to tourists. What we can learn from this is that we should not just sit back and wait for the foreign tourists, we as citizens can also be our own tourists. Perhaps you are from Crete island, have you ever been to Santorini or any other island? Do you know what uniqueness is found outside your area? Do you know why you are on this island and not the other? As much as promoting external tourism is important, internal tourism will also be beneficial to the nation.

It is a big nation, and bad news cannot be left untouched since we have to look for ways to curb them so that they do not happen again.

Bayern Munich fans attack

We can have a very long list of the good things happening in Greece, but one mistake will spoil the whole thing. Questions lingering in my mind are who attacked them? Were they paid to attack? Why did they make the attack? I wish I could get these answers as well. A match was supposed to take place between the youths of Olympiacos club and those of the Bayern Munich. However, the much had to be brought to an abrupt end as hooligans stomped in Renti football grounds in Piraeus and attacked the spectators. This is not I am advocating for and neither are you, right? We should focus on helping nature the talents of our youths and be happy when they perform well. Whatever the reasons were for the attack, it does bring down the good reputation Greece is building in other sectors. We should be holding hands to build a greater nation. 

5 Reasons why you need to get moving on In-house Mobile app development

In order to match up with the galloping pace of technology, one must start adapting himself with the changes inculcated in his surroundings; and being at ease with mobile apps is no exception. In the last few years, the influence of mobile applications have only gained an upsurge and from the looks of it, there is nothing that can halt this trend. Records have shown that there about 31 billion people connected to their devices through these apps and close to 4 billion people using them at the same time. The cause underlying this raving demand is the convenience injected by these applications into our everyday lives that has led to users dedicating more than 90% of their time spent on phone in them. In the following segment, we will discuss the top 5 reasons why you need to get moving on In-house mobile app development.

  • Wide popularity

First things first, if a consumer is provided with two sets of choices that leads to the same destination but one of them is encapsulated by enhanced comfort and integrated information when compared to the other, he will inevitably choose the former resort. In several reports submitted, it has been found that almost 80% of the companies that were taken into consideration had their own mobile apps and were willing to increase at least 36% of their spending on mobiles. Today, a minimum of 25% enterprises own their customized app stores to initiate and manage their corporate-sanctioned apps. Additionally, 97% of the companies’ executives have claimed that their employees within the company have requested to garnish them with a mobile app or its accompanying features and as much as 98% of them believe by rolling an app, the profit margin of their company would rapidly increase.

  • Customer-friendly

The number of people out there who own a smartphone and is aware of all the intricacies associated with the them have grown exceptionally over the years. This group of people are mainly constituted by the young adults whose lives are characterized by speed, attention to details and convenience. This has in turn resulted in the swelling of online purchase; rather than visiting a store and going through all the hustle of choice and payment, these apps procure a safe ground to browse through and choose the best thereby leading to the overnight increase of a company’s sales. Today, 69% of the millennials purchase from their phones and this number is only going to increase with each passing year.

  • Enterprise apps improve efficiency

Mobile applications can be safely delineated as the most trustworthy foundation when it comes to forming connections and exchanging crucial data and business intelligence at one go for a company. By capitalizing on the right kind of proprietary and secure apps, all the indispensable shreds of information can be analyzed and circulated amongst the managers, analysts, technicians, salespersons and all the other assistants from any corner of the world.

  • Unadulterated customer loyalty

When the target audience comes across your company’s app in their phones, the sense of reliability is invariably escalated and your loyalty towards them is propagated without any blotch altogether. Furthermore, when this Mobile app development company has loyalty program attached to it, the positive impact improves too. A recent survey has stated that a consumer would use his mobile app regularly if he comes across a certain feature that rewards him and earn him points everytime he makes a purchase or submits a survey. Other than this, the apps can also identify one’s location with push-notifications calling for reviews and discounts.

  • Third-party app development is expensive

Letting a mediator develop and design your company’s app is not only superficial but also expensive and time-consuming. It has been jotted down that such strategies have led 43% of the companies to spend higher than expected amounts, 41% higher maintenance costs and 39% have faced absence of customizable options. Interestingly, 91% of third-party designed applications do not even meet their demands and expectations. Lastly, low quality products, incessant delays, vulnerability to hackers and customer dissatisfaction are a constant. 

What can you do in Waterford Ireland?


Snuggled in Ireland’s sunny south east, Waterford prides in being Ireland’s oldest city. Its stunning mountains have witnessed the rise and fall of its cozy villages, whilst its ancient coastlines still bear its majestic front. Founded as early as 914 by Viking traders, Waterford City still exudes that exciting medieval flavor. Its unhurried riverside fare patiently recounts a millennium’s worth of stories through its oldest buildings and museums.

Exploring the City

The county’s 147 kilometers of dazzling coastline is replete with dramatic mountain ranges, charming river valleys, and at least 49 alluring beaches, all of which are very much accessible. The city is composed of numerous districts. The main thoroughfare can be found in the county’s administrative capital, the Dungarvan, which is set in front of a broad bay. In between, tourists will find the lovely little villages of the Copper Coast Geopark, and countless seaside resorts. The city’s insurmountable pre-historic and historic sites can be found in the Houses & Gardens. The best way to see everything is through a bike, as Waterford is largely a cycling community.

Tourist Attractions

Before you head to see the pre-historic and historic buildings of Waterford, take time to bask in its glorious natural surroundings. The Copper Coast has been named as one of UNESCO’s GeoParks. The Comeragh Mountains form the spine of the county; the panoramic view of which can render any tourist breathless. Sightseeing includes the Clonmel and the Slieve na Mban. The best way to see all these is through horse riding along Mahon Falls and the Galty Mountains. Book your Waterford Hotels with

Things to Do

Make sure to bring home a lifestyle product found only within the county, the Waterford Crystal. The gem is a result of the finest craftsmanship there is. Guests can also choose from the largest selection of crystals in the world at the House of Crystal Visitor Centre, and gain access through a factory tour. Join the enticing spectacle of the Tall Ships Race, where culture and music blends perfectly and attracts half a million people yearly. Waterford is also an excellent avenue for some of the best kite-surfing, sailing, kayaking, and diving available. The area serves as a natural playground for walking and horseback riding. Try your luck at the Laser Blast, a heart racing experience which is similar to the laser tagging. Visit the Pirate Adventure & Mini Golf for a variety of family-centered activities. Other equally interesting amusement parks you and your family can visit include Dunmore Adventure Center and the Tramore Amusement and Leisure Park.

Best Museums

A thousand year’s worth of stories has been perfectly documented by the Waterford Museum of Treasures. Tales of the construction of Reginald’s Tower and the Bishop’s Palace are told in a timely fashion by the museum. The Edmund Rice Heritage Centre is another alternative, which provides artifacts from Mount Sion. Walk through a thousand years of history at the Waterford Historic Quarter. Ireland’s oldest civic urban building is the Reginald’s Tower. The tower also doubles as a museum, which is also Europe’s oldest tower of mortared stone. Exhibits include a remarkable collection of colorful regalia. 

5 issues to consider before eating foie gras

Hailed as the ultimate game-changer of the French cuisine, foie gras is considered to be an all-time favorite for the right reasons. The soft punch of flavors coupled with a lustrous texture is a luxurious ingredient of French food. Nevertheless, the list of issues that accompany this delicacy must be probed with serious judgments to identify whether or not foie gras would be suitable for your consumption.

· Fat content

The statement that “all good things come at a price” can safely qualify as the perfect description for foie gras. The fatty liver of ducks and geese, when served on a plate, bears 86% of fat while only 14% of it is constituted by the meat. Before indulging in a delicacy that includes foie gras as its primary ingredient analyze the purpose and process that has gone into its production. A single ounce of foie gras contains 42 mg of cholesterol and 12gms of fat which when consumed by someone who is suffering from an unhealthy heart, diabetes or obesity can pose serious damage in the long run.

· Food poisoning

The preconceived notion that surrounds foie gras as a potential agent of food poisoning took birth because of the temperature that it is usually served in. On receiving its cooked version, you will either find it chilled or rarely seared with mild heat around the fat while the insides are completely cold. According to ancient beliefs, consuming cold or undercooked ducks and geese was the primary reason behind food poisoning. However, if we analyze this claim with scientific backups, it rarely turns out as true because fat is the only tissue that doesn’t multiply or attract bacteria under cooler temperatures. But, the safer recourse is to keep away from foie gras along with foie gras salt and pepper when one is pregnant or running short on immunity. 

· Disease-causing

The major fat content of foie gras can be held responsible for the diseases that one can develop after its consumption. Major diseases including type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Huntingdon’s disease, arthritis, and atherosclerosis are the aftermaths of irregular amyloid protein storage in the body. But these risks don’t mean that you will have to give up on foie gras altogether apart from situations where you already have trails of amyloid diseases in your genes or are consuming it regularly. 

· Ethics

When you are thinking about turning to foie gras for a meal, there are high chances for your ethical beliefs to come in the way. The process of force-feeding that is caused by human intervention to expand the duck’s liver can fall under the strict category of unethical practices. Even though this particular aspect of foie gras production is accompanied by extensive debates, yet the ground of the practice remains unchanged. Therefore, rather than consuming foie gras simply because of peer pressure, analyze the whole situation and judge for yourself as to which course would suit your principles better.

· Price

Lastly, the price of authentic foie gras is quite high and the common man often turns away from this option of a splurge. The cost of one-pound falls between the window of $50-$60 which exceeds the monthly budget of most households. Thereby, if you have plans of savoring foie gras, get started with your savings!

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5 benefits of having a funeral plan

For the very basic introduction of a funeral plan, it can be said that a funeral plan is a package for the overall management of the funeral to be done by a specific authority with a specified amount of payment as per the package that is being chosen by the customer. The entire event and all of the necessary arrangement is going to be made by the authority itself rather than the person near the deceased ones. You can also lookup MyNetResearch for better guidance for this matter.

  • Easy process
  • As per the facts of the entire process to be conducted and also the acceptance for the terms to be agreed by the authority it is quite easy in comparison with any other methods for funeral to be conducted as different type of source is going to be needed for the overall management of expenses for the arrangement of different elements that is necessary in a funeral.

  • Fixed cost
  • The cost management for the arrangement of a funeral is quite hard as there are many little costs and small details that add up to each other and face like a big amount of money which can be quite difficult for anyone facing a tragic loss for a relative or a friend to handle. The purchase of a funeral plan gives the axis towards the freedom of remembering the person rather than running here and there and making all of the arrangement for the funeral.

  • Transferable
  • There are also a certain number of funeral authorities that allowed the person for transferring the entire events to be taken into another place in terms of the person of the family moved to another city on another term.

  • Payment easement
  • Also the overall payment for the funeral plan to be conducted is quite easier rather than the traditional arrangement for funeral as the entire payment can be done the upfront process with the prepaid basis for payment as all of the expenses for the coverage of the entire arrangement of the funeral is going to be covered by the authority and no other extra payment would be asked for any necessary small cost for use. As overall payments to be processed by the customer or any other person of his family after the event of his death it is to be said that the funeral plants also have the ability for anyone for the payments to be conducted in a full payment or even through monthly installment basis which is quite helpful for many peoples for the overall arrangement and the management for cost to be handled.

  • Local management
  • In many cases, the people who have to reside in that area for many years might not have the proper knowledge for a proper cemetery for the loved one to be buried. But in the case of the purchase of a funeral plant doesn’t matter if it is prepaid or not the family of the deceased person has the ability to the freedom of choice and also the proper guideline for the entire process to be taken in place and the location along with all of the necessary arrangements as per the location to be conducted by the authority and the family has nothing to worry about the entire process. 

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