Four Key PR Trends to Watch in 2018

So, Christmas and New Year celebrations are over which means that we are now officially in 2018. As we are already watching 017 from the rear mirror, it is time now to sit down and to look for the trends that we will enjoy in 2018. We believe that 2018 will set new trends in every field and there will be trends as well that will affect the PR practitioners. Let’s find out the trends that we believe can affect PR in 2018.

Brand Reputation will be the key:

According to Akshat Thapa from NewswireNEXT: “You might be thinking that brand reputation has always been a key in PR so what will be new in 2018? We believe that brand reputation will be the most valuable asset in 2018 then the past few years. We have already seen that people these days are going for the known names instead of experimenting with the new names. Although this will make the process of branding more difficult but to stay ahead in the market you have to build up your brand’s reputation. This will let people know that they have someone to trust upon when a crisis hits. So, make your move today and start working on the online newsrooms, websites, social media accounts, and blogs.”

Brands are going to express more social good messages, which can backfire:

 Another strategy that brands follow to appear more and more in the social media news feed is that they express a socially good message. We have seen in 2017 that many brands have tried to counter the negativity with what they hoped would be perceived as positive messages. It has worked wonderfully for some of them, but it doesn’t mean that it will work for all of them. We have seen a consumer who rejects such campaigns from the brands, and sometimes those brands end up on getting bashed at the social media. So, brands have to be very careful when sending a good social message. If you are not very good at doing that, then it is advised to focus on what you are best at.

Relations with the pure media might not work:

 We have seen in 2017 that more and more companies have tried their way to get in complete touch with the pure media and journalists. But newsroom has already in the phase of thinning out since 2016 and in 2018 it will further thin out. Because of that, more and more journalist will lose their jobs, and they might not be able to get in the position when they were before. And this will impact PR practitioners as they will then unable to get their brands in the reputable media outlets. The effects of this will be more complex on b2b brands PR because they will not have any source to trade in media. This simply means that media relations have to be more creative in 2018 and brands have to look for the new ways to support the journalists although relying 100 percent on media might not work but this change will present an opportunity for PR pros as they will move to the paid media.

Ad agencies will join the game strongly:

 As relations with pure media might not work for the brands, ad agencies will start to work hard to get more clients for themselves. They might support their efforts with the earned social media and other platforms through press coverage.

Smart housing, quality choice for a smart living

There are many places in the world that emerged recently across the world as
a preferable destination for business outsourcing and also for booming industry of information technology. This is the actual reason that the real estate
business is in a tremendous growth in such places. Apart from the software
companies, some major places are also in demand for the automobiles companies
to set up their product manufacturing units. Another reason that people are
showing their interest to shift such places is the communication facility. Most
of the major living areas have been hugely occupied now but still, there is a continuous and regular demand for a place for luxurious living. To fulfill all the desires, the popular real estate brands have come with their different housing projects in various places. These high-quality housing projects are mostly on the lap of the cities. These are luxurious flats for a stylish living.

The reason that people investing in housing projects

There are lots of reasons that people investing in their own home in these projects:

Contemporary Architecture.

We are living in the twenty-first century and we love everything unique, different and very smart in our life and in this genre these housings are just unbeatable. Besides that, these real estate brands are coming up with the high-end housing opportunities with cutting-edge facilities and world-class designs. The architectural design and the interiors are modern, unique here.  There are lots of spaces in these apartments for passing the sunlight and the air. So the interior of the apartments inspire you for quality living in your own cozy adobe. 

Great Communication

These housings are located at the center of every city.  So, these may offer you a great communication facility to other parts of your city and more over, rest of the parts of your country. The well-connected road with railway stations, bus stops made the place most important to the buyers. 

Inexpensive prices

The value of these apartments is specially quoted for the common people, who want a quality living in minimum value. There also the 3 BHK and the 4 BHK flats, so you can buy the flat according to your pocket loads and number of room requirement. 

Green landscape from high-rise windows.

These apartments are high rising, so you can enjoy a pictorial green landscape from your own window. They don’t allow any vehicular factions on the ground floor and also the complete security system for the residents. 

24X7 Maintenance service.

While you are in your home or in these housings, you will get the 24x7 maintenance service just by a call.   

Storage facility when you are moving

If your flat is not ready completely and you need a safe and secure place to keep all your belongings, the housing committee or the real estate company will arrange the self storage units for you, according to your size requirements. This is a completely flawless storage option and even you can keep your large households like sofas, tables even the expensive paintings, sculptures there too. 

Check Background Information of an individual before dealing

Criminal activities are getting quite common in today’s time. Even there is a common activity of people being harassed by some of the individuals as they came in contact with them. The main reason for this kind of activity to be taken place is lack of background check of the respective individual.

A background check is a kind of check of all of the records of an individual in terms of what are the activities performed by a particular individual during their past time. It even includes going through various past experiences which he has suffered from, medical information, past places they lived and much more about the individual.

Be Aware of Proper Background Check

If we have sincerely gone through the background information of an individual then we are aware of various activities which they have done. It will even make us aware if there is some of the health issues with the concerned individual with other such sensitive relevant information which is not normally shared by that individual.

Disclosure of this information keeps us aware of the same and be alert in case of some dangerous situation which we felt to be rising due to the known fact. Thus it can lead to saving from such type of unwanted situation in near future.

Some of the portals which are available online can make our task of search easier in terms of developing such portal for online background checks and public records. This portal will search from a large group of individuals for the one basic person for whom we are looking for and will give their complete details regarding their background information, criminal records if any and their other statuses.

Benefits of open information system

With the information available to all of the individuals at any time, online each of the individual can check for any other individual easily and also regarding themselves. It will lead to an open community of sharing information regarding all of the information about different individuals over the online portal.

This sharing of information over online portal even leads to safeguarding an individual when they are trying to trust any of the individuals. A background check is utmost important before trusting any of the individuals for any kind of work. This sharing of all of the information will serve this basic need of getting all of the basic background information about any of the individual.

A background check is openly accessible to all which is beneficial to check one’s own background information from the said portal. This will ultimately benefit the individual for knowing his own background information which is available online to a large group of individuals. This can also prove to be detrimental as they get aware of their background information which is available online.


Thus we can say that availability of the background information over online portal is useful in terms of getting the right background information about the individual with which we are going to be dealing. It will give right information at the right time as it is very handy to be used by most of the individuals. 

Self Storage Unit Prices in Miami

Te use of public storage in Miami will come to the household and commercial customers any time in Miami. However, the most preferred materials to store by both the customers are the boat and adventure water sport gears and wearable accessories. This is because; this is an international tourist destination and storage space requirement for self-owned boats is necessary for all customers. However, the self storage prices for boat keeping depends on its dimensions and the actual space you are going to rent a unit or open space.

Boat Storage Companies in Miami

There are many self storage companies availing boat storage facilities. The water adventure boats are of various dimensions and they have storage space to store accordingly. It is advisable to check boat storage prices online and compare with your nearby Private Storage Company. This is because, the public storage companies charge differently for closed space unit and for open space unit. You can also keep your heavy water sports gear and accessories in small storage unit after the season is over. This is also the best for private people lending boat for rent and place them back in storage unit in the nighttime.

Residential Material Storage in Miami

Miami is the place where seasonal Tornado comes yearly. The smart way to safeguard your costly antiquities and electronics is by safely keeping them in public storage. By this way, your costly home materials will be in safe hand during such natural calamities. You can keep for short-term rental by signing proper rental agreement with self storage companies. The below mentioned is its silent features.

  • Your materials inside the self storage units are insured.
  • The self storage company itself will be insured to get claim due to damages caused by natural calamities.
  • The private self storage buildings are of modern construction and will be safe during Tornado.

It is advisable for Miami residents to book in advance, when Tornado news comes in. You can shift your home materials safely before the tornado pass over Miami. It is advisable to compare the self storage price and book, which matches your budget. This is also the best for people residing near to Miami beaches. Since, the sea waters rise and flood in to your home during Tornado. This type of natural calamities will take a week to show it’s furry and the aftermath will take another few weeks to settle down back. Sometimes, you will require hiring self storage space for a month in Miami to keep our home materials safe from wind and water damages.

The price of public storage space is truly based on dimensions. You can take an online tour can check your materials will fit to a self storage unit in Miami. Later, you can book online or call their representative and get a free quote. The online booking customers will get some discounts and they give full service, which include pick up and drop of your storage materials in Miami.

How to take penetration test to next level

There is much about the penetration testing tools and the methods to use to ensure security. However, running a successful and effective penetration test requires technical management effort and also enough planning to assure the tests are architected and executed successfully. Here are few steps to consider implementing for network penetration test:

Comprehensive network assessment

This is a typical penetration test that is the basic level. This test is done on the network and systems of a company from outside and inside, though many companies prefer only the external assessment. A comprehensive good pen test approach is to conduct an external test in association with an internal test and to explore the internal vulnerabilities that can be exploited. This pivot approach ranging from external to internal provides required visibility of the layered security program.

Plan the tests to get effective results

Treat a penetration test and obtain a professional or management resources so that you can allocate the information security and IT time. However, even on having the right dedicated resources, there is a need for a well-structured penetration test requiring upfront time to plan the test details, align test goals with management and a team to conduct the test, take the review and to provide the details to the team. In case the IP addresses are incorrect, then the IP ranges will miss the test coverage. So, ensure to give all the details correctly.

Create an alignment and communication plan

In case the test includes a social engineering component, understand who will involve in this test. If it is a phone test, pick a proper time and phone numbers. In case your company works on different shifts at different staffing levels, call the right people and provide them advance knowledge relating the penetration test and also about the social engineering individual tests. Ensure the right people to be aware of the information security response and to know what is going on. This will help the team to know the way to escalate related results of pen test appropriately.

Explore what-if scenarios

Check for holes or gaps and do not fall into the penetration testing operandi without assessing anything. Definitely, a pen test is good to test a possible vulnerability. Plan a monitoring plan while taking the pen test. As the pen test is going on and is conducted by an external team to test layered defenses, it is a good choice for you to monitor the test and also the incident response program. Thus, documenting the sensors, systems and teams triggered alerts during the pen test helps. Plan for action review after the test with the incident response analysts to review the monitoring and sensors working and use these lessons learned to update security program information.

After pen test

Ascertain the results of pen tests are done perfectly and they provide a report on a common template. A company may use the same provider for pen testing. It is crucial to provide proper background and context to get proper results. In case the vulnerabilities double, add endpoints scanned so that there is a double check. If you are able to break the endpoints, you can understand in detail the context and enjoy better results.

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